“Stay away from her”- Demi Lovato Issues a Crazy Warning for Ghostface, as He Tries to Mess With Jenna Ortega

“Stay away from her”- Demi Lovato Issues a Crazy Warning for Ghostface, as He Tries to Mess With Jenna Ortega

It’s no secret that the career of Jenna Ortega has thrived after becoming a part of the horror genre. Although one cannot ignore the danger, terror, and pressure she faced during this journey. From being stabbed by the cloaked figure to dancing to the tunes of death this rising superstar has done everything. You probably remember the time when she was introduced to the blood-soaked saga of a murderous universe. Starring in the massively popular Scream franchise as Tara Carpenter, Ortega became the target of Ghostface in the opening scene. It was shocking how this teenager fought back a serial killer and saved her life. And now the actress is once again returning with her surviving character in the sixth installment. But should tell you that this time she has the support of none another than Demi Lovato herself who gives the killer a crazy warning.

Pop Crave recently shared a video on Twitter that featured the star cast of Scream VI. In the tweet, the American singer recreated her “GET A JOB, STAY AWAY FROM HER” comments from Instagram. So we see that Ghostface calls Jenna Ortega while all the movie characters are chitchatting.

Then Demi Lovato grabs her phone and tells the murderer to find something productive for himself and stop stocking innocent people.

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Seeing this clip did give us the hint that the Scream queen will certainly encounter Ghostface in the movie. The last time he failed and thus will not leave her alone so easily being a certified psychopath killer.

Jenna Ortega has bigger challenges in Scream VI 

We all know that only a few characters were able to survive the attacks of Ghostface in Scream V. So the upcoming sequel will pick the storyline right where they left it. Scream VI will largely follow the two surviving pairs of siblings who move to New York City to start a new life after all the deadly events that took place in their life.

These characters include Tara and Sam Carpenter and Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin. Unfortunately, their past will follow them with new horrors in a new location. The film will be slicing into cinemas on March 10, 2023, and we are eager to meet the face of terror once again.

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Will Jenna Ortega shake the theatre screens with her powerful performance? Drop your views in the comment section and stick around for updates.

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