Stanley Kubrick’s Most Banned Movie is Hitting Netflix in September 2022

Stanley Kubrick’s Most Banned Movie is Hitting Netflix in September 2022

Stanley Kubrick has always been a crucial name in the history of film making. Right from the beginning of his career, the American film director has produced an array of A-listed movies for the industry. Many of which, like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and his top hit, Eyes Wide Shut have skyrocketed Hollywood in the past decade. Although considered as one of the greatest filmmakers of all times, the director has had faced a severe backlash to his works as critics didn’t line up with him. As a result, a significant number of his movies saw no daylight and were banned by various streamers until now.

But how the tables turn! One of his earliest directed movies caught the attention of the American streaming giant. His age-old film, A Clockwork Orange, will be home to Netflix anytime in the next month. Here’s everything that you need to know about it.

An archaic Stanley Kubrick movie makes a comeback at Netflix this fall

The Kubrick movie that’ll reach our screens on 1st September this year, had first hit the theatres back in 1971. Like Kubrick’s other works, this movie is also an adaptation of a novel by Anthony Burgess. The Clockwork Orange, a dystopian satire, remains his best work till date. This movie follows the path of the novel and brings it to life.

Speaking of the Cast members, the lawbreaker Alex was played by Malcolm McDowell. The criminal’s maniacal company includes Pete (Micheal Tarn), Georgie (James Marcus) and Dim (Warren Clarke). There are various other side characters who play a major part in the twisted story. Eventually you will know then all as the plot unravels.

What can we expect from this movie?

Filled with gore, this movie is about a psychotic criminal teenager who roams around committing a slew of crimes around the city. The barbarous felony and violence include theft, rape, murder and a myriad of other sadistic and grotesque plans. The delinquent fanatic goes through a series of such troublesome events in his life and ultimately ends up behind the bars.

The movie follows the theme of behavioral psychology and such tendencies faced by people who are victims of it. Owing to its extra twisted and monstrous storyline, critics reviewed this movie as an inappropriate message to the society. The movie, according to the cinema critics, allegedly glorified Alex’s situation instead of demeaning it.

Nevertheless the movie flipped back at the appropriate time when we are already immune to much violence and death. All thanks to Netflix’s top blockbusters like Ozark and Breaking Bad. However, this is not going to be an easy watch for everyone; hence, watch out!

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What do you think about this movie? Will it surpass Netflix’s Warlords at criminal gore and carnage? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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