Standup Comedian Christina P. Reveals She Went on a “Di*k Hunt” for Henry Cavill While Watching One of His Most Famous Movies

Standup Comedian Christina P. Reveals She Went on a “Di*k Hunt” for Henry Cavill While Watching One of His Most Famous Movies

Christina Pazsitzky has a wicked sense of humor. Knows as Christina P, a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and host, the funny beauty with brains is definitely attracted to Henry Cavill, just like any other woman in the world. Being a fan and a comedian, she recently watched one of his movies. But the reason wasn’t exactly her love for Cavill’s movies, but something you wouldn’t think of in your wildest dreams.

Christina runs famous channels like Your Moms House along with her husband and fellow comedian Tom Segura. The channel has over 4 million subscribers and has uploaded over a thousand videos of mostly light-hearted discussions involving pop culture and celebrities, along with occasional celebrity interviews. In one of the recent episodes, she mentioned Henry Cavill in a not-so-subtle discussion.

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Christina P on Henry Cavill and her D-breaker

“It’s a Bird, it a plane, it Henry Cavill’s di*k!” said no one ever. The DC Comics Man of Steel is known for its action, super punches, and of course Henry Cavill. Despite some bloody scenes, the movie is rated PG-13, but Christina P’s unique reasons for watching the movie are definitely R-rated. In episode No. 671, of Your Moms House, she revealed that she “watched Man of Steel just to go on a d*ck hunt”.

Apparently, the comedian wanted intel on Henry Cavill’s pen*s. Unfortunately for her, the movie brought no such luck, as the Superman suit helped camouflage any outlines. Unlike the previous costume of red underwear and blue spandex, this version has a blue suit with a red cape.

The Witcher star played Superman in the 2013 Zack Snyder movie Man of Steel. The actor is known to have a square-shaped symmetrical face, the height of 6’1 teamed up with incredible acting skills, which led him to bag the role of a DC Comics superhero. Winning appreciation for Superman opened the gates to major roles in the future.

The 39-year-old currently stars in The Witcher and is also set to return as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes 2, which will be released in November 2022 on Netflix.

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