Squid Game vs Alice in Borderland on Netflix Is Best vs Best

Squid Game vs Alice in Borderland on Netflix Is Best vs Best

Deadly competition and survival game dramas have taken all over Netflix. They have been very popular in Eastern Asia but are currently taking all over the world as the twisted plots are appealing to the fans. Squid Game on Netflix becoming a global sensation is the obvious driving factor.

Squid Game V/s Alice In Borderland

If you liked Netflix’s Squid Game and are looking for another “deadly competition” series, Alice in Borderland is a show for you. Released way before Squid Game, Alice in Borderland is similar in genre to that of Squid Game. Both the series are Netflix Original titles.

Squid Game is a Korean drama and Alice in Borderland is essentially a Japanese sharing the similar concept of surviving games. But, the thematic elements and unique premise of Squid Game sets it apart from all other survival dramas and movies.

The location of Alice in Borderland is entirely Tokyo, but Squid Game participants are kept in a man-made complex, on some island of South Korea.

The globally popular show, Squid Game does not focus too much on the game as much as it does on the players living on the edge. It gives us an insight into the characters and their conflicts. Fans are tempted to Squid Game because of its realism and reliability.

Squid Game participants choose to take part to win money because of their financial crisis. On the other hand, Alice in Borderland‘s setting has participants trapped inside a game against their will. The only way out is to play and win.

Squid Game features 456 players competing for 45.6 billion won, but Alice in Borderland has only 3 main characters trapped inside the game, competing to get out.

Alice in Borderland has an aimless player and his two friends trapped inside a parallel Tokyo, where they have to go through a series of sadistic games to survive.

Both the series are suspense thrillers where the games turn dangerously deadly. The cost of failure in these games is outright death.

Furthermore, both the series have a male lead developing a team of misfits to survive in the game. The contrast between both the dramas is that Squid Game has a cash prize in the end, while Alice in Borderland has only “life” as the prize.

As the popularity of Squid Game grew, more survival dramas started trending on Netflix. People were looking for similar shows to binge on. Thus, Alice in Borderland also started getting attention. Both of these shows have now become a talk of the fans.

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Have you seen both these shows? Let us know what you think about them? Which show wins if a battle happens between the two?

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