Spoliers: ‘Manifest’ Creator, Jeff Rake Reveals Big Gossips from Season 4, Now On Netfix

Spoliers: ‘Manifest’ Creator, Jeff Rake Reveals Big Gossips from Season 4, Now On Netfix

After much anticipation and speculations around it, Manifest season 4 has finally returned with a gut-wrenching batch of episodes for its fans this November. Although the second batch of the next ten episodes looks like a faraway dream, season 4 part 1 has totally sent chills down the audience.

As the death date now draws closer, the passengers grow desperate for the slightest chance of survival. Amidst all of this, a mysterious passenger arrives with a bag jam-packed with such truths that change the face of flight 828 and everything that is associated with it. 

To break down all of it, Variety interviewed the show’s creator, Jeff Rake, who gives us a detailed analysis of what the first batch of 10 episodes looks like. Narrating the insights of all the twists and turns of the season, Jeff guided us through the treacherous episodes of Manifest. Just a heads-up, the article contains heavy spoilers for the just-released season. Read further at your own risk. 

What is up with Angelina’s hand fusion with the sapphire and lava?

The host evidently started off by asking about the last show of the present batch at first. Curious about Angelina, the host posed a question to know what exactly is happening with Angelina’s hand and the sapphire blend. The creator explained that becoming desperate to escape death, Angelina shoves her hand fearlessly into the piping hot lava to get hold of the sapphire.

As she successfully takes it out, her hand and the gem blend and fuse to become one, giving the final shock to its audience in the end. He further described how this marks the personification of every dark power or force that exists within the show as Angelina herself. “You can deduce from that that she now is more powerful than ever,” Jeff stated.

However, the fact that she is alive is a dreaded secret between the viewers and Angelina alone. Hence, we are yet to watch the reaction of our other heroes when they get the wake-up call of Angelina’s survival.  

Is Zeke dead for sure?

To this, the creator gives an ambiguous answer stating that, even if he ensures Zeke is dead, he might still be able to be a significant part of the show. Moving forward, we must always keep in mind that death in Manifest is anything but highly relative. “We have seen characters find ways to communicate with each other, death notwithstanding,” said Jeff. So let us see if Michaela can bring him back. 

Is Cal showing up in the last final episodes of Manifest?

Describing Zeke’s sacrifice, which he made having an eternal hope from Cal to save entire humanity, “you know that was not arbitrary,” said the creator. Zeke firmly believes that Cal has to get things straight, so there is certainly a chance that Cal is going to have to rise to the occasion sooner or later. 

Although he might be a bit depressed and might feel the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, we know Cal is not going to bear the survivor’s guilt for the second time. Hence, according to Jeff, Cal’s return is highly anticipated in the next batch of 10 episodes.

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The host and guest talked about a lot of other twists and turns of the show. Later in the interview, the creator even revealed some parts that were straight up out of the script. Such were moments that went like, “too good to be true“. 

Have you seen the latest season of Manifest yet?

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