Sour Memories! Fans Take a Walk Down Memory Lane Remembering the Painful Snub for Lorde at Grammys 2017

Sour Memories! Fans Take a Walk Down Memory Lane Remembering the Painful Snub for Lorde at Grammys 2017

With the arrival of the Grammys, the world gets yet another topic to discuss. It always becomes a topic of debate as to who should have won instead of whom. Everybody has their favorite singer or song in mind that they desperately want to win, and if their expectations go wrong, they start expressing their disappointment in various comment sections. Something similar was done by the fans of the New Zealand artist and ‘Royals’ singer Lorde.

A “Grammy fact” about this 26-year-old singer was recently tweeted, and it dates back to 2014. This was the year when Lorde won two Grammys in a row. She also made a record in the history of the Grammys that has not been broken yet. But what was the record, and what has enraged fans nine years after her victory?

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Fans say Lorde was snubbed for the Album of the Year award

Being one of the oldest awards in the history of music, Grammys have a huge history of its own. One such fact that comes to mind was who was the youngest artist to ever win a Grammy. While many people believe it was Billie Eilish, it was actually New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor). She won the award for Song of the Year for her track ‘Royals’ at the young age of 16, making her the youngest artist to win a Grammy.

And not just the Song of the Year, but she also won the award for Best Pop Solo award for the same track. This fact was tweeted by Pop Base, however, the reaction of the fans was somewhat unexpected. According to fans, her album ‘Melodrama,’ which was released in June 2017, should have won the Grammy award for Album of the Year in 2018. However, that year, Bruno Mars won that award for his album ’24K Magic.’

As the fact about her being the youngest singer to ever win a grammy was tweeted, fans started reacting in the comments. They were enraged by the fact that ‘Melodrama’ did not win the album of the year.

While fans lament the snub, the singer herself is reveling in her latest album, ‘Solar Power.’ She is gearing up for her tour, set to start from February 21. As she prepares for it, Lorde confessed to feeling “quite emotional” last week when she co-hosted Music 101 with Charlotte, as reported by RNZ.

Lorde seems to have moved past the supposed snub. What about you? Do you feel that the singer should have gotten Album of The Year award in 2017? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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