“Someone vomited vaseline in both my eyes”- Ryan Reynolds Had the Most Absurd Experience on the Late Show

“Someone vomited vaseline in both my eyes”- Ryan Reynolds Had the Most Absurd Experience on the Late Show

A burst of good laughter and days full of smiles are everything one could wish for in a lifetime. And some people are just full of it, which makes them unique from the rest of us. Ryan Reynolds is one of those funny and humorous people who always make his fans laugh. From his witty comments to unpredictable reactions, the actor is famous for his sense of humor. Born on Canadian soil, he has impressed people with his acting while making them roll with his comic timing. However, the actor certainly had his share of absurd moments and the actor shared one such incident on The Late Show.

Ryan Reynolds shared the secret of Stephen’s eyeglasses on The Late Show

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney sat down to talk about their documentary Welcome to Wrexham. The host asked both of them when was the last time they set foot on the show. In his answer to the question, Ryan remembered his last meeting with Stephen.

He stated that he visited Stephen for the promotion of Deadpool and crashed his monologue. Moreover, he revealed that he took Stephen’s glasses to read the teleprompter. However, this turned out to be the most terrifying experience for him. The number of Stephen’s glasses totally boggled Ryan Reynolds and couldn’t see anything.

“I grabbed his eyeglasses and I put the eyeglasses over the Deadpool mask and it was like somebody vomited in my both eyes,” said the actor.

Meanwhile, the actor looked absolutely stunning in his velvety outfit as he is the perfect combination of smart and funny. Currently, the actor is gearing up for his new projects including Spirited, Futha Mucka, Deadpool 3, and Everyday Parenting Tips.

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How do you like the constant dose of amusement that Ryan Reynolds keeps on giving his fans? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Until then, keep Netflixing and watching your favorite shows.

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