Sofia Hublitz (Charlotte Byrde) Shared Common Conception With Julia Garner on Ruth’s Fate in Ozark Finale, But “there’s a sadness in that”

Sofia Hublitz (Charlotte Byrde) Shared Common Conception With Julia Garner on Ruth’s Fate in Ozark Finale, But “there’s a sadness in that”

Fans rarely are satisfied with endings. From Game of Thrones to Schitt’s Creek, we have seen how it isn’t a good or bad ending that doesn’t sit right with viewers. It merely is an ending. As for Ozark, the finale of which was released recently, fans were certainly not content with Ruth Langmore dying. But, just like actress Julia Garner who embodied this role, her co-star Sofia Hublitz says the same. Here’s what the actress has to say about Ruth’s death being befitting.

How did Ruth die?

Ozark as a whole is a very gut-wrenching show. But, one moment that inarguably surpassed all precedents is Ruth’s death. After Javi killed Wyatt, the color red was all that Ruth could see. Looking for revenge, Ruth sets a trap for Javi. By the end of the second episode of season 4 part 2, Ruth had finally gotten the revenge she was longing for. But, in doing so, she essentially signed “her own death warrant.”

Ruth had become one of the most beloved characters in the Netflix Original. Numerous articles on the internet stand evidence of Ruth’s likability and how most fans loved seeing this character. Julia Garner also made sure that she left no stone unturned as she continued receiving praise for her performance. Garner even won two Emmys and is set to make history if she wins one for her performance in the latest season. Nonetheless, it only made sense that we had to bid goodbye to this character.

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Why Ruth dying in the Ozark finale makes perfect sense, according to Julia Garner and Sofia Hublitz

After 44 long episodes and numerous twists and turns, there were very few things about the Ozark finale that fans hadn’t predicted already. Sadly, one of them included Ruth’s death. Julia Garner has spoken about this before, saying how it was only befitting. Actress Sofia Hublitz, who plays the role of Charlotte Bryde in the Netflix series, says that she “was kind of expecting and fitting that (Ruth) died”. To her and Garner, the death of the character “seemed very appropriate”.

Nonetheless, Hublitz still isn’t very different from all fans as she continues to root for Ruth. She says, “You want her to make it over the Byrdes. (In a way), she does succeed, but she dies. There’s a sadness in that.” All that we, and most other viewers, can say is that Ruth’s death, as melancholy as it was, was something that had to happen for the finale of Ozark to come together as it did.

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