Snubbed! Fans Call Out Billboard List of Top 10 Rappers Over Ditching Kanye West from the Lot

Snubbed! Fans Call Out Billboard List of Top 10 Rappers Over Ditching Kanye West from the Lot

Kanye West is one successful hip-hop artist, but is he the top 10 rapper of all time? Even the world of rap has changed and seen evolutions through time. With new talents coming in and classic ones still surviving, the artists and the fanbase have only expanded. But there is always a discussion over what attributes make them the best.

The speed of the rap, the diss, the lyrics, and of course the execution of it all are some of the basics that make a good rapper. But debates are bound to happen when fans do not see their favorite artist being appreciated enough. So when a list of the top ten rappers was released, fans were quick to call it out for snubbing Kanye West.

Kanye West gets support from fans over being snubbed out of a list of top ten rappers

Kanye West may or may not care about being on a Billboard list, but his fans sure do. DailyLoud posted a list on its Twitter account of the top ten rappers of all time but left West out of the list. Although the reason could likely be his controversial statements, one fan commented how Ye’s antics could have led to this, but defended him by saying how he has changed the rap game. Another fan posted their own list of the top ten rappers and put the Gold Digger singer on number one.

Billboard put Jay-Z on number one, followed by Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Tupac. Ye’s songs often talk about capitalism, minimalism, and politics. He has sold about 160 million records worldwide and won more than 20 Grammy awards. The celebrity is said to be very influential, likely why he received a lot of criticism when he started making anti-Semitic comments. It resulted in him losing a lot of allies in the industry, as well as business partnerships.

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Fans feel like his critics are trying to totally remove his presence from the mainstream media. But there is often a debate on whether his opinions should affect his musical career or not. Although despite the lists, fellow rappers appreciate his creativity.

What do you think of Billboard’s list, and do you think Kanye West is one of the top ten rappers of all time? Comment your thoughts.

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