SLAP-GATE 2.0? Jimmy Kimmel Highlights a Surprising Category Amidst Rising Fear of Getting Slapped at Oscars 2023

SLAP-GATE 2.0? Jimmy Kimmel Highlights a Surprising Category Amidst Rising Fear of Getting Slapped at Oscars 2023

While the year 2022 saw a lot of things after the Covid pandemic, that one slapping incident is still in people’s minds. Although Will Smith along with others is trying to move on from the incident, it seems people are still counting on something like that happening at the Oscars 2023. The host of the upcoming Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, threw light on this surprising category that people are literally betting.

At the previous Academy Awards, Will Smith got angry at a joke that Chris Rock made about Jada Smith. And the Academy banned the Emancipation actor for 10 years. But people are still counting on a horrific incident happening with the next host. While many celebrities opened up about the upcoming event, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! is a bit nervous about the possibility of Slap-gate 2.0.

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Will Jimmy Kimmel get a slap at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony?

While the nominations for the Oscar 2023 are announced, people are betting on the winners of different categories. However, the event isn’t until the 12th of March, and it is getting a lot of attention because of the incident that happened at the previous event. On his TV talk show, Kimmel made some jokes about the slapping incident and people’s take on it. While there are several categories, he told the world people are betting on the host of the event getting slapped. Currently, if anyone bets $100 on the positive side of it, they would get $1200. Obviously, it would make the host nervous a bit.

While joking about it he said, “seems like they’re encouraging someone with a gambling problem to slap me.” Although everyone is hoping for the event to go as smoothly as possible, a tiny bit of nervousness slid into the host. Not only Kimmel but also Wanda Sykes made a funny comment on the incident.

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She said if anyone is wondering how the Academy chose nominees this year, they just thought about who would not slap anyone at the ceremony. Although there is a rising fear among people, the comedians and hosts turn the fear into humor. While talking about humor, Kimmel also highlighted another Oscar Awards category that gets a little attention.

The category is Best Animated Short. When Riz Ahmed was announcing the nominations, he announced a name of the film under this category that blew Kimmel’s mind. The name of the film was My Year of D*ck.

Well, this was just a gist of the fun that the host would bring to the ceremony. Tell us if you also feel the Slap-gate 2.0 would take place or not. Also, tell us which film and actors you are rooting for to win the Oscars 2023.

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