SKIMS by Kim Kardashian and a Tortilla Chips Have THIS in Common

SKIMS by Kim Kardashian and a Tortilla Chips Have THIS in Common

Kim Kardashian has reinvented herself with her shapewear brand SKIMS. By launching an innovative and accessible shapewear brand like SKIMS, Kim Kardashian has added businesswoman to her list of expertise. After its launch, SKIMS spread like wildfire in the fashion industry and burned down the long-standing accusations of the Kardashians being talentless.

SKIMS is widely appreciated for its quality and Kardashian’s effort toward inclusivity. And in no time, it was listed as a 1 billion dollar business. Which makes one wonder, what could a billion-dollar fashion brand possibly have in common with tortilla chips? A TikTok user demonstrated the experiment and the shocking findings that resulted left fans at a loss for words.

What does Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand have in common have in common?

A TikTok user by the name of @bbysarita just like the majority of the Internet decided to order herself some SKIMS’ shapewear. Call it the excellence of the marketing agency or the craze to get a lifted look like that of the Kardashians, the shapewear sells like hot buns, which coincidentally is what it is famous for. Therefore, it did not appear as a shock when a TikTok user decided to try it out. Hopping on to the trend, Sarah, the TikTok user, ordered herself a Micro Thong and Micro Triangle Bralette from SKIMS Fits Everybody line. And unlike most influencers who tried it on for the viewers to see, Sarah had a unique approach.

So, if you’ve been eyeing the SKIMS micro bikini and wondering about the size, these are tortilla chips for scale,” the TikTok user said. As she went on to show the tortilla chips placed neatly on the SKIMS underwear, evidently being the right size for each other, fans couldn’t help but laugh.

SKIMS to be measured with a unique scale

The total purchase was estimated to be around $40 which in this time of inflation is not a cost most are willing to pay for tortilla chips size bikinis. Instead of going on an angry rant, Sarah and her boyfriend have just been in stitches after the tortilla comparison clicked. According to INSIDER, Sarah and her boyfriend could not stop laughing either. “I laughed very hard at how small it was,” she said.

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However, this is not the first time a TikTok has gone viral for having a hilarious reaction to Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line. Earlier in 2021, a woman by the name of Adria Barich went viral for comparing herself in SKIMS shapewear to a “Winnie the Poo wearing too-small underwear“. Despite a few hiccups, SKIMS seems to be doing very well among the masses, with products going out of stock and new lines being launched now and then.

What do you think about SKIMS and its comparable size to Tortilla chips? Let us know in the comments below.

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