Skechers Kicking Out Kanye West Is Not a First, Here Are 9 More Celebrities Who Were Treated Treated the Same Way

Skechers Kicking Out Kanye West Is Not a First, Here Are 9 More Celebrities Who Were Treated Treated the Same Way

Kanye West was recently kicked out of the shoe company Sketchers. Post his fallout with Adidas and GAP, he walked into Sketcher’s office unannounced and unwelcomed. The artist who had several ties in the fashion industry and is seeing a massive ban post his social media comments including the anti-semitic one.

The Gold Digger singer may have proved to be a cash cow, but that has not prevented him from facing consequences. There have been quite a few celebrities throughout time who have been kicked out before. This could be a hotel or an event. It often shows that regardless of one’s status, everyone is treated equally due to bad behavior. Here is a list of them.

1) Celebrity: Blake Lively

Place: Disneyland

The incident involved a 6-year-old adorable criminal. When Blake was six years, she got caught trying to sneak into the part without buying a new ticket. The Gossip Girl actress would spray hairspray on used tickets, landing herself in Disney prison and getting banned for a year. Though she is all grown up now and continues to visit the world-renowned park.

2) Celebrity: James Corden

Place: Balthazar, New York City

The host of the Late Late Show with James Cordon was once kicked out of the famous restaurant for being rude to its staff. Once when he lashed out at them for having a hair in their food, and another when the food place got his wife Julia Carey‘s order wrong.

3) Celebrity: Paris Hilton

Place: Wynn Resorts

Paris is undoubtedly one of the biggest pop-culture icons of all time. But the socialite and businesswoman were asked to leave the luxury resort once. According to the cops, 0.8 gm of cocaine fell out of her bag while she reached into her purse for a lip balm. This was back in 2010 and authorities had to arrest her for possession of an illegal substance.

4)  Celebrity: Will Smith

Place: Oscar Awards

This is likely the most famous ban of modern times involving an actor. The I am Legend actor faces a 10-year ban from the Academy awards. One of the biggest celebrities in the world got his action recorded for the whole world to see when he slapped the night’s host and comedian Chris Rock across his face over a joke.

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The consequences of this went beyond the bang, affecting other areas of his career and life.

5) Celebrity: Britney Spears

Place: Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles

The Oops I did it Again singer has had her share of controversies. The artist who once shaved her head in front of the media was dining at the fine dining restaurant Chateau Mormont when she smeared a plate of gourmet food on her face. Guests complained about Britney’s behavior which led the hotel to escort her out.

6) Celebrity: Rita Ora

Place: Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant

The Hot Right Now singer once revealed that she was disallowed from entering one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants for turning up in tracksuits. She took an opportunity during an episode of Jonathan Ross’s show where she appeared alongside Ed Sheeran and Gordon Ramsay. The chef and his staff reportedly follow strict rules for their hotels, which also include following a dress code.

7) Celebrity: Kanye West

Place: Grammy Awards (2022)

The Famous singer who is already facing a plethora of opposition was banned from performing at the awards for his online activity. Kanye West posted a photo of South African host Trevor Noah by taking a screenshot of Google results and included a racial slur. He did that after Noah called him out for harassing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

8) Celebrity: Madonna

Place: Alamo Drafthouse

The performer was banned from the theatre for breaking their strict policy rules. The Hung Up singer was texting during the special screening of 12 years a Slave when a fellow watcher asked her to stop it. Alamo Draft house has a strict policy of no talking and no texting during a movie. Madonna not only texted but also lashed out at the person for asking her to stop.

9) Celebrity: Jamie Foxx

Place: A restaurant in West Hollywood

Jamie Foxx and his group of friends got involved in an altercation with other guests at the restaurant. As per reports, the fellow customer went up to Foxx and friends, asking them to keep their voice low by saying,

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You don’t want to mess with me, I’m from New York,” Jamie’s friend responded to it by saying he was from Oakland. The whole chaos led the customer, Jamie, and his group to get kicked out.

10) Celebrity: Hugh Grant

Place: The Daily Show

Hugh Grant is known for his romantic movies. But his appearance on The Late Night show also made him famous for being difficult. Host Jon Stewart considers the Bridget Jones Diary actor one of the worst guests to appear on his show. The actor was reportedly rude to the crew, he had other places to be”, and was a “pain the a*s.”

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