Simone Ashley Won’t Return in THIS Popular Netflix Show: “I’m a Bridgerton girl now”

Simone Ashley Won’t Return in THIS Popular Netflix Show: “I’m a Bridgerton girl now”

While Simone Ashley has managed to woo all viewers of Bridgerton, this isn’t the first time fans are seeing her on the screens. The actress first appeared in another popular Netflix Original series Sex Education. Although her role was not as prominent as that of Kate, she certainly left an impression. However, Ashley claims that she is now a “Bridgerton girl”. What does that mean for her role in Sex Education? Find out here.

Simone Ashley and her future prospects in Sex Education

Sex Education has been a show that fans have loved for years now. The series boasts a great plot and is very progressive. Add to that impeccable British humor and extremely likable characters and you have a fan favorite at hand. After three long seasons spread across three years, Moordale Secondary School has finally closed. With the school closed, fans were speculating that the show has come to an end as well.

However, Netflix has commissioned season 4 of the series. Considering how Sex Education almost came to an end recently, fans are expecting it to end sooner rather than later. Before making headlines as the lead actress of Bridgerton season 2, fans first saw Simone Ashley as Olivia Hanan in Sex Education. She is a part of the Untouchables and was hence a lead character.

Despite her prominent role, Ashley has confirmed that she will not be returning to the sets of Sex Education. She said, “I get asked that all the time. No, I’m a Bridgerton girl now.”

Sex Education is at its end while Bridgerton is at the mere beginning with at least 5 more seasons to go. Ashley plays the lead role of Kate Sharma in the latter series, married by the end of the season to Anthony Bridgerton. Considering how significant her role in this Netflix Original is even more prominent, it only makes sense that she plans on focusing on it in the coming future.

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Stream Sex Education and Bridgerton on Netflix to make sure you’re all caught up with this brilliant actress’ works!

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