“silence seems to be working”- Sussex’s Friend Omid Scobie Launches a Blistering Attack on The Royal Family

“silence seems to be working”- Sussex’s Friend Omid Scobie Launches a Blistering Attack on The Royal Family

At this point, the Royal feud might just go around the clock and never come to an end. The unfathomable rivalry between the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales has taken a devastating turn over the last few months. While Royal experts and commentators continue to add fuel to the fire, Sussex benefactors have to continue to join forces against the Royal Family. One prominent bidder among the same is Omid Scobie. 

Amidst the Royal chaos, an eminent supporter of the estranged California-based couple has chipped in his two cents regarding the controversy. The Yahoo executive, Omid Scobie, has time and spoke on behalf of Harry and Meghan. Once more, Meghan Markle’s eminent friend took to his latest yahoo column to stand the ground of Sussexes amidst the fallout. This time, however, the attack on the Royal Family and its silence were more brutal than ever. 

Omid Scobie says the Royal silence is beneficial to Harry and Meghan 

Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex started their tell-all anti-Royal Family campaign through numerous projects, Buckingham Palace has not uttered a single word. After the Late Queen Elizabeth’s infamous address of racist accusations, the Monarchy has stayed rigidly tight-lipped all throughout. Owing to the same stance, Omid Scobie called out the UK Sovereigns before the public. 

He affirmed that in his experience of Royal reporting, the silence of the Monarchy might not be what it seems. Scobie pointed out how despite their “never complain, never explain” agenda, the Royal sources providing outlets to UK tabloids tell a whole different story. In the biographer’s opinion, the nonchalant facade put on by the senior members of the family is nothing but just a false pretense before their subjects. 

Pointing out their tight-knit network, Scobie doubts that the Royal experts and commentators who have continued their scathing attack on Harran and Meghan are always closely scrutinized by the Palace itself. Nonetheless, “the silence seems to be actually working,” said Scobie before concluding. This is not the first time the friend of Harry and Meghan has proved his stance in public. Upon the release of Prince Harry’s Spare, he also took to his Twitter to laud his confidence.

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