Sia Confessed How Kanye West and Kardashian’s Made Her Feel Safe

Sia Confessed How Kanye West and Kardashian’s Made Her Feel Safe

When Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian had an after-boxing session epiphany where the latter says, “I think we baby most of the people in our lives,” not in a million years did we expect one of those people to be the Grammy-nominated singer Sia. Well, we are sure that the Kardashian sisters were not referring to her when they talked about “hand-feeding” the people in their lives. But the Chandelier singer made clear that the Kardashians have a protective streak when she talked about they helped her in recovering from her past trauma.

Among Kanye West’s many social media escapades was the time when he asked his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, and then wife, Kim Kardashian, to look for him at the ranch. Except that’s not all, he said. The Grammy-winning rapper claimed that Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were trying to lock him up. And Sia was “Unstoppable” in expressing her support to the Kardashian family after Ye’s meltdown.

Sia is Kim Kardashian’s Maddie Ziegler

Despite topping the Billboard charts and being one of the most well-known artists, the Chandelier singer still has a wall of mystery around her. It’s not just the massive wig hiding almost half of the singer’s face but also her determination not to let much of her private life slip. However, in a conversation with, the singer opened up about the hardships she has been facing in recent years and how the Kardashians have been a pillar of support.

“I literally didn’t leave the house for maybe three years except for every Sunday when I would go to Kanye’s Sunday Service because the singing was so incredible,” the Unstoppable singer talked about Ye’s Sunday Service. Furthermore, Kanye West, after the release of his Jesus Is King album in 2019, has famously started heading the Sunday Service Choir regularly. Sia moved on to talking about meeting Kim Kardashian. “When I met them, I felt safe. It was so weird. I felt safe.”

The singer wouldn’t be the first celebrity to express their love for the Kardashian family. Jennifer Lawrence could not stop talking about it when she guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2017. But Sia takes it up a notch by saying, “Kim was extremely protective… I was so shocked and also grateful…..She’s like me with Maddie if anyone were to criticize them I would kick them in the nuts!” The singer did not take Ye’s name. We know which side she is leaning more on.

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While this was her stance in 2020, things have escalated to Sia singing in a box alongside North West for the Kardashian Christmas party in 2022.

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