Should You Watch The Royal Treatment on Netflix? Here’s What Critics and Fans Have to Say

Should You Watch The Royal Treatment on Netflix? Here’s What Critics and Fans Have to Say

The royalty and romance stories have been recent topics of interest on Netflix. A great example that combines these two things is The Royal Treatment, starring Laura Marano from The Perfect Date and Mena Massoud from Aladdin. The new romantic-comedy Netflix film pairs a hairstylist and a royal prince.

The Royal Treatment is a project that brought together two of the best creators in the industry. The film’s director is Rick Jacobson, whom we know from Xena: Warrior Princess, Knightfall, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Spartacus, and Baywatch and the writer is Holly Hester, whom we know for Last Man Standing, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and American Dad.

Now, that sounds like a treat for rom-com lovers, but is it worth your time? Let’s see what critics and fans have to say.

What’s the plot of The Royal Treatment?

The Royal Treatment follows Isabella and Prince Thomas. Isabella runs her own salon while Thomas run hos own country, Lavania. When the two meet, Thomas likes Isabella’s candor and decides to make her the chief hairdresser for his wedding. As the wedding preparations start, the Isabella and Thomas grow closer and realize that taking control of their own destiny requires following their hearts.

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Critic reviews and fans reaction

The Royal Treatment is a feel-good film with a royal setting and has received mixed reactions from the critics. The movie scored 25% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the audience score is at 59%. However, we can expect the audience score to be a little higher in the next few days, as it is released just on January 20th, 2022. Here’s what the critics have to say about the rom-com:

Associated Press reviews, “Like a drug store chocolate bar, it just is. It might not be good for you, but it’ll go down shockingly easy, give you a minor sugar high (and possible headache), and disappear from your memory just as quickly, leaving you defenseless for when the inevitable sequel comes along.“

The New York Times’ review read, “The movie comes across as a deliberately, almost defensively, inane trifle; a cupcake whose icing reads, “Enjoy the tooth decay.””

Despite the harsh reviews, Decider gave a thumbs up to streaming the film. According to their review, “The Royal Treatment is a delightful surprise, armed with a sweet story and some charming performances from its two young leads.”

Now, let us look at some fan reactions:

Have you watched The Royal Treatment yet? What are your thoughts?

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