SHOCKING: Prince Harry Publicly Suggests Prince William to Take Therapy for Reconciliation

SHOCKING: Prince Harry Publicly Suggests Prince William to Take Therapy for Reconciliation

Prince Harry has a lot to say to Prince William but through his memoir. The Royal family is undeniably the one family that has the whole world watching over them. Although more than the Royal processions, it is the controversies that the world is looking out for. The Sussex’s leaving the UK and Royal duties for good certainly cause a rift between Prince Harry and Prince William.

But the gap has only gotten bigger since the Megxit incident. Not only did the distance grow physically, but Prince Harry has openly accused his elder brother of punching him and speaking against Meghan Markle. While it is known that the Duke of Sussex has been in therapy for awhile now, he has now suggested Prince William do the same.

Why has Prince Harry suggested Prince William take therapy?

While drama is already brewing ever since Prince Harry announced the release of his memoir, Spare, the Prince has not spared a single memory from his time with Prince William. The duo used to be extremely close until the Duke of Sussex began openly discussing their private issues. As per Express, Prince William began therapy after the death of Princess Diana. But he wishes that his elder brother would join him in the therapy as well, which would help them reconcile.

“But as much as William was the first person to even suggest therapy, I just wish that he would be able to feel the same benefits of that as opposed to believing what he doesn’t need to,” he opened up. Prince Harry wanted Prince William to join the therapy with him. It was so that they could heal from their trauma together, having experienced most of it together as well.

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The publication of Prince Harry’s book memoir is supposed to be damaging to the Royal family, which has already made the possibility of reconciliation a slim chance. But the Duke and Duchess of Wales, as well as the rest of the family, have continued with their royal duties. They have avoided making a public statement about the book or the Sussex’s interviews. Although Prince Harry claimed that Prince William wanted to go to therapy, that never really happened.

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