Shocked Millie Bobby Brown Defends On-Screen Boyfriend Finn Wolfhard Against Fans Hating Mike, Asked Him Not to Come to Germany

Shocked Millie Bobby Brown Defends On-Screen Boyfriend Finn Wolfhard Against Fans Hating Mike, Asked Him Not to Come to Germany

Stranger Things‘ power couple, Mileven share a startling chemistry on-screen. Right from the beginning of the show in 2016, Mike and Eleven have been inseparable regardless of the incessant hardships they face. Not only in the show, both the actors, Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard are great together in real life too and the roots of their friendship run deep. While on a voyage to promote Stranger Things season 4, Millie showed up at a German Comic Con event and got to know people’s opinions on her and her on-screen boyfriend, Mike. She was shocked to hear the crowd’s response and tried reasoning out with them. Here’s what the fans actually told her!

Millie Bobby Brown was left baffled as German fans show contempt for Mike Wheeler

As surprising as it was, the fact that they hate Mike didn’t go down well with Millie and us either. But they had some reasons. They asked for her opinion on Mike Wheeler and questioned if she likes him to which she answered, “In my opinion? I mean, do you like him? What’s wrong with him?

The fans confessed that they adore Eleven but didn’t like Mike’s part in the show. Millie, although shocked told them that in America, people LOVE him. The crowd certainly went otherwise and on being asked the reason, they said that Mike wasn’t a good friend and he was blind to his once-upon-a-time best friend, Will’s agony and tears. According to them, he tends to seek all his friends’ support but doesn’t reciprocate the same. To this, Millie openly admitted, “There is not much that I can tell about that” but assured that Finn in person is great as a friend.

Changes in Mike’s character that the fans don’t seem to appreciate so much

Nevertheless, our buds had a point. They weren’t entirely wrong about Mike’s friendship with his group ever since they grew up. Younger Mike was sensitive towards his friends, especially Will Byers. He used to understand him in depth and always had been constant support while others didn’t seem to do that. However now, it’s quite visible to everyone how disturbed Will is for whatsoever reason, except Mike. His mind is constantly occupied with El’s well being which is good. He’s a good boyfriend but no longer a friend to the OG gang as he seems to completely ignore everyone else.

Fans flooded Twitter with their opinion on Mike Wheeler.

At times, he even became possessive about El and just wanted to keep her all to himself only. Fans have also pointed out that he’s been selfish and impatient with his problems and wouldn’t stop whining about the same. However, he pushes himself to co-operate with the entire team keeping aside his difficulties in dealing with situations. We hope he returns to the mature, understanding, and charming friend that he used to be in the final showdown. The Hawkins gang would be incomplete without him.

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But again, friends are important, yet having independence and forging an intimate relationship that carries you forward into the future is equally important. What do you think about him?


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