“She’s texting Bilbo Baggins” – When Will Smith Teased His Wife Jada Pinkett for Her ‘Lord of the Rings’ Style Outfit⁩

“She’s texting Bilbo Baggins” – When Will Smith Teased His Wife Jada Pinkett for Her ‘Lord of the Rings’ Style Outfit⁩

Celebrity couples poking each other on social media is a way for them to show love with some fun because a life full of laughter and smiles with their partner is something anyone would desire. Happily, we have many examples in Hollywood that give us couple goals, including Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively insanely roasting one another through posts and comments. A great inclusion to the list is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. The couple, who have been married for over 20 years, have always loved and supported each other, but also pulled each other’s legs on occasions. One such occasion arose when Jada once wore a Lord of the Rings-inspired costume.

Will Smith made a video of Jada Pinkett wearing a comfy outfit

Will Smith is a big fan of social media, especially Instagram and YouTube. Even the actor once admitted on Jimmy Fallon’s show that he is obsessed with social media. So he used to make videos of his daughter all the time and post them on his channel. Meanwhile, he also became an amazing photographer, as we see him constantly sharing photos with fans on Instagram.

One such post of his documented his wife’s night outfit with live commentary. In the 2018 clip, the Collateral star was wearing a pink sock cap with an oversized brown knit cardigan and bootie slippers.

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“She looks like she’s texting Bilbo Baggins about the party in Mordor. She like… “BOY, where is my RING?!?!” he captioned the post.  

The Bad Boys star compared Jada’s outfit with the costumes of the Lord of the Rings characters. It might have looked like those brown cloaks hobbits were wearing during their journey. He also mentioned the elder hobbits who possessed the ring in the first place when the story opens.

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Meanwhile, Pinkett gave him a side look as he was running his commentary on the baggy outfit. Seeing the hilarious post many people commented including Halle Berry who said: “leave my baby alone! She doing her thang.
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