“She’s super into…” – Ryan Reynolds Once Revealed the Quirky Taste of His Daughter in Movies

“She’s super into…” – Ryan Reynolds Once Revealed the Quirky Taste of His Daughter in Movies

If there is one individual who is worthy of the all-rounder title, it is Ryan Reynolds. Apart from being a well-established and popular actor, the Deadpool star is a very successful businessman and investor. However, all this proves that he is a very successful individual on the work front. But beyond the reel life, he is an incredibly adorable father and husband. We are all aware of Reynolds’ witty persona and quirky nature. And it seems like his daughter Inez Reynolds is a lot like her father as previously the Deadpool actor revealed the quirky taste Inez has in movies.

Not long ago, Ryan Reynolds starred in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, wherein he voiced a character in the movie. And while promoting his film on LIVE Kelly and Ryan, Kelly asked Reynolds what all activities his daughters found interesting. The Red Notice actor answered with: “Knives. A lot of Knives.” He further went on as he described what type of films his daughter Inez watched.

“She’s super into villains. We watch Beauty and the Beast and her favorite character is Gaston,” revealed the actor. He even recalled a hilarious incident when their family pediatrician at her first meeting with Inez said, “Oh this one’s shady.Reynolds added how his eldest daughter, James Reynolds, is also a movie geek who loves watching films and television shows.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Reynolds spoke about a funny incident that took place while he was traveling with his family. Speaking to Ryan and Kelly, the Free Guy star recalled how Inez was the only one in their family that let the secondary security pat her down. Reynolds hilariously added, “she just takes it like a hardened felon.”

How Ryan Reynolds’ kids react to his romantic scenes?

Reynolds is a versatile actor who has done almost every genre of film there is. And naturally some of the scenes require him to kiss other actresses on-screen. And while promoting his film The Adam Project, a fan asked if he had actually kissed his co-star Zoe Saldana. Initially, the actor joked how he did not mean it before he revealed how it is not an easy task to explain it to his kids. Furthermore, he added how his daughters get shocked and started asking him all sorts of questions.

It is incredibly wholesome to see how Reynolds is so calm around his daughter. And not long, the actor welcomed his fourth child with Blake Lively.

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