“She’s one of my big influences”- Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Biggest Inspiration

“She’s one of my big influences”- Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Biggest Inspiration

From her profession as an actress to taking stands for the rights of youngsters Millie Bobby Brown has garnered international attention. The teen actress has gradually become a powerful icon of youth. Only at 18, she has a business, stardom, and ever-growing career in Hollywood. She is undoubtedly a multi-talented young woman, as we recently saw in the global renowned magazine Allure.

While she is constantly seen giving voice to issues like lack of education, violence, poverty, and bullying, her fans have always wondered how remarkably she handles her personal and professional life. As people say, some inspiration or motivation always keeps them going. Do you know who Millie’s biggest inspiration is? And who influences her to do good things?

Millie Bobby Brown consider Malala Yousafzai a woman of strength and motivation

According to the report rolled out by PopSugar, Millie Bobby Brown once quoted Malala Yousafzai as a true inspiration for this generation. Stranger Things actress praised the Pakistani activist that she empowers and influence. She said that even though Malala does not belong to the beauty world, she is charming.

“She’s one of my big influences because she inspires so much positivity and love. That’s something I stand for as well,” remarked Millie Bobby Brown.

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Moreover, Brown added that she has watched her documentary and read her book I Am Malala. The actress stated that she and Malala have things in common as they both believe in positivity and love. Millie said Yousafzai is a powerful personality even though she is young like her and her opinion has a strong voice in society.

“The people are actually listening, and if they’re not, she makes them listen. I love and live by that as well,” added Millie in praise of Malala

Millie Bobby Brown is an incredible teenager, and there is no doubt that she is becoming an inspiration for others. She always speaks what is in her heart and urges people to find moments of kindness in this beautiful life.

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Do you believe in the words people like Millie and Malala try to convey through their messages? Leave your views in the comment section below.

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