“She’s doing a stellar job” – Hunter Doohan Gushes Over Jenna Ortega While Hinting at the Upcoming Macabre in ‘Wednesday’ Season 2

“She’s doing a stellar job” – Hunter Doohan Gushes Over Jenna Ortega While Hinting at the Upcoming Macabre in ‘Wednesday’ Season 2

The latest pop culture phenomena on Netflix brought viewers layers of mysteries and unexpected turns. Our deadpan protagonist played by Jenna Ortega entered the school of supernaturals to unravel the secrets of the past. While diving into the challenges, this estranged teenager did form some connections that made her confront the deeply buried emotions. One of those relationships that touched the very core of her nihilistic heart was with Tyler.

We see how Wednesday tries to ignore this normie in the beginning but eventually gets wrapped up in the sparks. Although this romance didn’t end well yet, fans can’t deny that their chemistry was electrifying. It seems that our on-screen monster has the same admiration for the beloved star in real life as well. Since we recently caught Hunter Doohan gushing over the American actress while hinting at the upcoming macabre in the renewed season.

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Hunter Doohan applauds Jenna Ortega while teasing Tyler’s future on Wednesday  

Wednesday star Hunter Doohan attended the Gold Meets Golden event in Los Angeles this Saturday. During his conversation with Entertainment Tonight the actor praised his costar Jenna Ortega for doing a remarkable job. The Your Honor star was happy for the young star who garnered massive fame and the way she is handling it.

“She’s doing a stellar job, and she’s getting it tenfold of what the rest of us are having to deal with,” explained the 29-year-old actor. Moreover, the American star seemed excited about the upcoming season of his superhit series. Doohan stated that he doesn’t know about the script, but he is excited to return to the deadly supernatural world.

Since his dark secret has been revealed to the world, he is looking forward to exploring both sides. However, Hunter is also worried this time as he won’t have his master, Christina Ricci, around him. The Addams Family alum who played the iconic character of Wednesday Addams in the 1990s has helped him to understand the dynamics of the storyline.

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As of now, we are not sure about her future in the show after the deadly fate she met in season one, but Tyler will definitely see you again. What do you think about this deathly chemistry between a monster and a woeful child? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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