Sheer Duality of Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s Bears From Love, Death + Robots and Kung FU Panda Shows Her Versatility

Sheer Duality of Jennifer Yuh Nelson’s Bears From Love, Death + Robots and Kung FU Panda Shows Her Versatility

Love, Death + Robots is an animated series with each episode independent from the others. It’s a collection of short stories from filmmakers all across the world. This makes the show a spectrum for all kinds of tastes. Co-produced by David Fincher, Love, Death + Robots is a one-of-its-kind show following futuristic themes. Jennifer Yuh Nelson is the supervising director for the show, who fans know for directing Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3 and The Darkest Minds. She is also the director to the episodes ‘Pop Squad’ and ‘Kill Team Kill’ from Love, Death + Robots. But the beauty of her work and her immense creative range becomes clear when you look at two iconic bears she created, one from Kung Fu Panda 2 and the other from Love, Death + Robots.

Jennifer’s Bears from Love, Death + Robots and Kung Fu Panda 2

Jennifer Yuh Nelson is an Emmy-winning Korean-American story artist, character designer and film director. She bagged an Academy award nomination for Kung Fu Panda 2, which will always a be a fan favorite for its dream-like visuals and an ever-thickening plot. Master Po is a big cute panda, whose traits are exactly that of a panda. He is goofy, gets himself into problems he can’t solve, but is extremely humble and determined towards his goal.

The ‘Kill Team Kill’ bear is an antagonist monster! The Honey Badger is half-cyborg half-bear, who knows nothing but destruction. He was one of the troops own but something makes him turn on them. The story has a group of people trying to fight it with a bot; and they temporarily succeed but the bear eventually overpowers them.

Jennifer sure might be taking her obsession with bears to the next level but in no monotonous way. She has incorporated her cute signature into the gory, war-torn, futuristic environment in the best way possible. Master Po and the Honey Badger are so diverse they can’t be compared. The versatility in their genres and characters could only be written by someone as good as her.

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Jennifer has also directed ‘Pop Squad‘ another volume 3 episode which follows a future cop charged with enforcing population control; who later starts questioning his own conscience.

Love Death+Robots has episodes spanning 20 mins max, which makes it easily binge-able. The brains behind each episode change with the story, making it one of the most diverse show on the platform. The third volume has 100% critic ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, so if you haven’t watched it yet watch it here.

After you have streamed the episodes, let us know what you think about the two bears created by Jennifer.

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