“She might leave”- Prince Harry Was Nervous Before First Date With Meghan Markle

“She might leave”- Prince Harry Was Nervous Before First Date With Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s memoir, if not anything else, was half revelations and half confessions. Starting from the struggles of his neglected early adulthood all the way up to finding the love of his life and its aftermath, he said it all. What occupied the majority of the memoir was the journey of his love life with his now wife, Duchess Meghan Markle. The Prince could not stop pouring his heart out about the same in Spare. 

Meanwhile, the Duke has also made some stirring confessions that did not seem usual. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in the nascent stage of their relationship, the Duke admitted that he did get his heart racing a couple of times. He recalled one such instance when both of them had decided to meet for their first date, but things did not go as planned. 

Prince Harry wrote in Spare that he was unfortunately stuck in “horrible traffic” right before he could meet Meghan Markle for their first date ever. As desperate as he sounds, the Duke gushed about how he “ran into every conceivable obstacle” but he and his bodyguards would just come to a complete full stop. “Five minutes. Ten. Groaning, sweating, mentally shouting at the mass of unmoving cars,” mentioned the Duke.  

Having left no stones unturned, the Prince finally thought it could not be avoided. Mustering up the strength to text Markle after keeping her waiting, the Duke texted, “Running a bit late, sorry.” He knew she was already there, hence he took no time to apologize. However, Markle’s reply made him feel that “she might leave.” 

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Prince Harry was late for his first date with Meghan Markle 

Panic-stricken, he told his bodyguards that “she’s gonna leave” and that they needed to reach the restaurant as soon as possible. What made it worse was due to royal protocols and formalities, he could not even get out of the car and start walking. “I wasn’t able to go running through the streets of London. It would be like a llama running…” said the Duke before closing in. 

The duo had also talked of the same in brief in their bombshell Netflix series, Harry & Meghan. Both of them gave the viewers a beautiful throwback to their journey together, walking us through all of it. 

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