“She might have felt…” – Fashion Expert Decodes Meghan Markle’s Bright-Colored Clothes From Her Last Royal Engagements

“She might have felt…” – Fashion Expert Decodes Meghan Markle’s Bright-Colored Clothes From Her Last Royal Engagements

In the Netflix show, Meghan Markle made an interesting revelation about her clothes as a senior working member. The Duchess claimed that she preferred wearing muted tones during royal engagements to not outshine the late Queen Elizabeth II. Markle also admitted to trying her best to blend in with the family and not stand out. However, in her final few royal engagements, the former American actress stunned in bright-colored clothes.

In Harry & Meghan, the Suits alum mentioned looking like the rainbow while wearing a lot of color during her last week in the United Kingdom. In one of the events in March 2020, the Duchess looked dazzling in a red Safiyya cape dress, while in another royal engagement she looked brilliant in a blue Victoria Beckham midi dress. Meghan Markle also wore shades of green. The fashion expert Lindsay Edwards carried out an analysis of Markle’s clothes to reveal what the Duchess wished to say by wearing bright colors.

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Meghan Markle commanded attention in her last few royal engagements 

The personal stylist Lindsay Edwards revealed that it was a consciously crafted decision by Meghan Markle to wear bright shades of red, green, and blue. The expert also believes that the former actress wanted to take the center stage and command attention with her fabulous dresses. 

“By wearing dresses in striking shades of blue, red, and green throughout her last week as a working royal, Markle not only commanded attention but conveyed clear messages at a time when she might have felt silenced,” the fashion expert said as per Express.

Meanwhile, reflecting on color psychology, Edwards added that Meghan Markle gave out a secret message with her choice of outfit color. Markle’s red safiyaa dress at the Mountbatten Music Festival in March 2020 oozed confidence, assertiveness, and passion. Meanwhile, her green cape dress on her last day as a working royal member symbolized renewal, fortune, and healing

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What are your thoughts about Meghan Markle wearing bright-colored clothes during her and Prince Harry’s last week in the United Kingdom two years back? Do you think it was an intentional decision by the Duchess? Share with us in the comments below. 

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