“She is such a bright and compelling conversationalist “ – Lisa Ling Praises Meghan Markle Post New Podcast Release

“She is such a bright and compelling conversationalist “ – Lisa Ling Praises Meghan Markle Post New Podcast Release

Meghan Markle resumed her Spotify podcast Archetypes after a month with Margaret Cho and Lisa Ling as the guest speakers. The show was paused during the official mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II but it has made a comeback with a bang. Archetypes once again managed to grab the headlines with the listeners giving both positive and negative reviews.

The fourth episode of the podcast was all about the representation of Asian Women in the film fraternity. Three women talked about the stigma of the Dragon Lady while sharing snippets from their lives. The American journalist Lisa Ling seemed highly impressed with Meghan Markle as she heaped praises on the host. 

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Lisa shares a heartwarming post for Meghan Markle

Following the release of the episode titled The Demystification of Dragon Lady, Lisa Ling took to her official Instagram to share her admiration for Meghan Markle. The television personality shared a cute picture featuring her, Meghan, and her nine-year-old daughter, Jett.

Meanwhile, it was the caption that won attracted the attention of the users. “So enjoyed talking to Meghan Markle for her podcast #Archetypes. She is such a bright and compelling conversationalist and I hope people take the time to get to know her beyond the often insidious headlines,” the latest guest on Meghan’s podcast wrote on Instagram. 

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During the episode, Lisa was at her candid best as she shared the difficulties she faced in the industry. She admitted choosing journalism as a profession due to the lack of Asian representation in TV shows and movies. The author was of the view that they would not welcome her in the television shows as, during her childhood, she could hardly see people like her on the small screen. Ling hailed Connie Chung for being the only Asian personality to be on the national stage. The 49-year-old admires Chung for her elegance, grace, and intelligence

Meanwhile, the episode also saw Meghan Markle reminiscing her beautiful memories of traveling to the Asian continent. The former American actress revealed how she loved trying different cultures, including eating in a Chinese restaurant and having a naked Korean spa with her mother

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Have you heard the fourth episode of Meghan’s podcast? If yes, then share your thoughts about it in the comments. 

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