“She Didn’t Know What the F*ck I Was Talking About” – When Ryan Reynolds Tried to School His Kid

“She Didn’t Know What the F*ck I Was Talking About” – When Ryan Reynolds Tried to School His Kid

There’s rarely a dull moment when Ryan Reynolds is around. From his snarky yet hilarious tweets to his unique take on literally anything, the guy can make take the most boring or serious topic, present it in his signature style, and leave you laughing uncontrollably. However, the Deadpool actor has to be most in his element when he narrates anecdotes about his family. From the constant back-and-forth with his wife Blake Lively, or even the mundane stories involving his kids, he ensures the audience is engaged and thoroughly entertained.

One such incident from roughly 3 years ago involved his eldest daughter, James. Apparently, Ryan’s earnest efforts to have a serious conversation with his then 5-year-old daughter about her aspirations didn’t go as planned. Let us find out what happened.

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Ryan Reynolds shared his concerns regarding his daughter’s ambition

As a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Ryan Reynolds narrated a momentous anecdote featuring his daughter in the most hilarious manner. His daughter James, 5 at the time, “said she wants to get into the acting.” As revealed in the interview earlier, James was a huge fan of the host Jimmy Fallon. This made Jimmy invested in the story and he asked The Adam Project actor to elaborate further.

While Reynolds said, “I’m fine if you want to be an actor, go ahead,” his apprehension for the same was glaringly obvious.

The Red Notice actor was alright with his child dabbling in acting in school or as an extracurricular activity. In fact, James was participating in various recitals, singing activities, and even performing “little plays at home.” However, “being a child actor in like movies and stuff,” is where Reynolds’ discomfort was apparent. 

That’s a huge burden on your nervous system,” said Ryan as he tried to explain the issues to his young girl.

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He further tried to educate her regarding the downfalls of trade. From the constant attention to the “unhealthy coping mechanisms” that one can develop, he laid out all the facts in front of James. To the actor’s dismay, all of it went completely over his girl’s head.

She didn’t know what the f*ck I was talking about,” expressed a frustrated father, describing his daughter’s blank look.

The Pikachu star even went one step further and exclaimed, “Let’s just skip showbiz and enroll you right into cocaine.

While the Deadpool actor was clearly over-exaggerating for effect, his concern for his daughter was very real. Granted, Ryan’s efforts weren’t as fruitful in this story, but he must’ve gotten through to James, as she isn’t a child actor today.

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