“She became a symbol”- American Civil Rights Leader Argues How Meghan Markle and Her Allegations Truly Exposed The Monarchy

“She became a symbol”- American Civil Rights Leader Argues How Meghan Markle and Her Allegations Truly Exposed The Monarchy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stripped the Royal Family of all its deepest secrets and the ramifications of the same have swept the United Kingdom off its feet. Although the duo was criticized on a cellular level, the number of supporters somewhat outweighed the major abusers. Every time the Royal Experts accused a couple of something hideous, fans worldwide came to the rescue with their own valid reasons. 

As the internet stays divided with their opinions, it is also to note that, not just fans but legitimate world-renowned personalities have also sided with the estranged couple. Ever since the Duke and Duchess crossed over to the other side, they made numerous alliances and partnerships that helped them thrive through the controversies. Starting from Hollywood bigwigs to legitimate officeholders, there are people out there who believe Prince Harry and Meghan have done nothing wrong. 

American Civil Rights officer calls out UK’s systematic racism against Meghan Markle 

For instance, a few hours ago, UK’s leading news broadcast, Good Morning Britain had an interview with American Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Al Sharpton. The former adviser to President Obama was called on to give his two cents on the entire Royal fiasco with the primary focus, of course being on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And Al Sharpton is no man to hold back. The reverend did not hesitate to call for a complete UK police reform with reference to the recent killing of Tyre Nichols and other issues. When it came to the reaction of the UK media to the Sussexes, the officer lambasted the tabloids. 


He believes that owing to her mixed race, the Duchess has always been treated differently. On top of it, the reaction of certain media personalities is ghastly, he said, referring to the Jeremy Clarkson episode attacking Meghan Markle. He called the article, “a mean-spirited publication” and believes the apologies do not make a difference when the damage has already been made. Continuing further, he called out the “systematic racism” in the UK police and thinks it was necessary to address them. 

Before concluding, the reverend affirmed that in many ways “they (Sussexes) exposed what was already there.” Hence, beating around the hush makes no sense. And to override the accusations, they now blame Meghan Markle, which does not make sense to the Civil Rights Leader. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you concur with what the reverend said? Or do you have something else to chip in? Let us know in the comments below. 

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