Shawn Levy to Give Ryan Reynolds Another Hit With a Star Wars Movie?

Shawn Levy to Give Ryan Reynolds Another Hit With a Star Wars Movie?

Ryan Reynolds has proved to be successful in generating canon, in superhero universes, save for the Green Lantern. Humor to get you rolling on the floor, an emotional back story to have you sobbing, and just enough action sequences to make your head fuzzy: If a movie ticks all these boxes, then the evidence points towards it being a Ryan Reynolds movie. Or in recent years, one of his movies was definitely directed by Shawn Levy.

The actor and director have proven to be kindred spirits through countless ventures. Reynolds has morphed into the perfect vessel for Levy to guarantee a platinum plated delivery for his artistic vision. The duo have already worked on two movies together, and the upcoming movie may be set somewhere in a far-off galaxy.

Is Star Wars counting on Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds to bounce back?

Although up for an argument, many will not deny the fact that in recent years Marvel Cinematic Universe has long surpassed every other superhero universe in the race. Star Wars is one of them. However, the impact and love for the science fiction extravaganza are far from dying down. And Lucasfilm seems more interested than anyone to get the ball rolling. However, the need for a relevant superstar who gives only bangers when paired with a certain Shawn Levy does not escape them.

According to Giant Freaking Robot, it seems like the studio has decided that Reynolds and Levy are just the dynamic duo needed for this job. Lucasfilms is already in talks with Disney for a Star Wars product with the actor-director duo on board.

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Reynolds in Star Wars: Destiny or delusion?

The Green Lantern actor is up to his eyeballs in work with Deadpool 3 releasing this year, his football club, and, of course, baby number four. Given how he is all set to make his big Marvel debut, it seems like a tough throw that the actor will embark on a Star Wars project. The chances are even slimmer if Lucasfilms are planning on a series.

This needle, however, cannot deflate the balloon that Reynolds has blown by fanboying over Star Wars over the years. Be it him proving himself eligible to run a masterclass in Star Wars or the time he pulled out his lightsaber in not just Free Guy but also in The Adam Project. Both of which are Shawn Levy directorial.

Delusion or destiny? Which side are you leaning towards? Let us know in the comments below.

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