Shawn Levy Declares the Best Duo of ‘Stranger Things’, Fans Seem to Disagree

Shawn Levy Declares the Best Duo of ‘Stranger Things’, Fans Seem to Disagree

No matter how hard any story tries to make itself about a group of people, there will always be a dynamic duo that stands out. Be it R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Star Wars, Harry and Hermione from Harry Potter, Batman and Robin from DC Comics, or any piece of entertainment. There is just something about duos that makes us love them more and more each time we see them. And Netflix’s Stranger Things is no different, with so many amazing permutations and combinations available to make duos. But which duo is the best?

Well, a certain someone called Shawn Levy has picked his dynamic duo from the Stranger Things Roaster. However, it seems like now many fans are in disagreement with the very director of the show. But who did Shawn even pick? Let’s see that and also what the fans have to say about his choice. Word of caution: There might be a little too much of awesomeness down here, so move carefully.

Shawn Levy names his pick for the best Stranger Things duo

Well, just like all of us, Shawn also seems to be a fan of the beautiful brotherly relationship that fosters between Steve and Dustin. And that is probably the reason why he picked them as the best duo from the Netflix Original.

The Adam Project director even challenged the entire world to name a better duo than them. Well, the world is going to do anything but run away from a challenge, especially when the challenge is on the internet and about naming amazing duos. Hence, a huge number of people popped up to name their favorite duos from the show.

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Fans pick their duos from the show

You cannot talk about geeking about a Netflix show and leave Netflix Geeked out of the conversation. Hence, when Shawn asked people to name their favorite pairs, Netflix Geeked was among the first to reply. And no kidding, they did a pretty great job of giving Steve and Dustin competition, as their pick was Robin and Nancy.

Even Matthew Modine, who plays the infamous Papa, joined the party and claimed he and Eleven are the best duo from the show.

However, one of the fans partly agreed with Shawn. We say partly because he accepted Dustin as one of the unos, but the second member of the duo was not Steve for the fan. According to him, Dustin and Suzie are the best.

The surprising thing is how Hopper made his way into the list. It was unexpected because we mostly see him going off on life-threatening adventures alone. However, he also made the list and so did Dmitri. Many will remember him for his role as Jaquen H’ghaar from Game of Thrones.

Tell us what your pick for the best duo from Stranger Things is in the comments below. Also, stream the final season of Stranger Things on Netflix if you haven’t already.

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