Shame! Victoria Beckham Receives Backlash for Promoting Expensive Piece of Cloth

Shame! Victoria Beckham Receives Backlash for Promoting Expensive Piece of Cloth

After having a successful career in music and television and then marrying international football star David Beckham, Victoria Beckham established herself as a fashion designer. She is now busy with her international clothing store, Victoria Beckham. She posts about her clothing brand every now and then on Instagram.

Her Instagram includes beautiful models dressed in clothes from her brand is not big news. But recently, something Victoria wore made to the news and for which she is receiving lots of hatred.

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Why did Victoria Beckham face backlash?

The major reason behind the hatred that Posh Spice is receiving on the internet is because of promoting a very expensive dress from her own clothing brand. Now promoting your own brand is not such a bad thing but Mrs. Beckham was promoting an £800 cardigan which people thought was a bit absurd.

The United Kingdom and its economy are already in shambles. In times like this, a celebrity promoting an expensive piece of clothing is not something that people might really want to see. She can be heard in the video talking about the figure-hugging “VB body jacket”. The star was in love with the fit. 

She also included a shopping link for the cardigan that retails at £790. Although some of the fans genuinely seemed impressed by this design, others disliked it because of the high price.

Right after she posted it, people started bashing her on social media. According to The News, one person wrote, ‘”it’s so easy” but easy V doesn’t come for free…..£800 but out of my price range!” While the other said, “For 790-pound sterling !! Thanks but [no] thanks.”

One of the Twitter users did not like how Victoria was able to fit into it perfectly because she is so skinny but everyone isn’t.


One of the other users commented that this kind of clothing is not for the working class who is struggling to pay their bills in the current times. Following the backlash, she turned off her Instagram comments from that post. Not only that, she posted another video after the controversial one without turning the comments on.

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Let’s hope Posh Spice’s company makes more affordable clothing keeping the recession in mind. What is your take on the controversy? Did you like her cardigan?

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