Selena Gomez Hijacked New York Square Screens as Clocks Turned 12 on New Year, Crowd Slurs in Anger

Selena Gomez Hijacked New York Square Screens as Clocks Turned 12 on New Year, Crowd Slurs in Anger

Selena Gomez has been a busy woman ever since her Disney days. However, the singer has truly peaked in the past few years. The starlet has been on television ever since she was a toddler appearing in not just the most popular children’s show but also the most prominent children’s studios, Barney & Friends and Disney, respectively. And lately, Gomez has been on a mission to spread the message of Rare Beauty. The singer in 2020, released her chart-topping album titled Rare and even launched her makeup brand, which is now the best in the market.

Toward the end of 2022, Selena Gomez looked back on her journey over the years with her tell-all documentary My Mind and Me. The documentary became viral for all the right reasons. Given all that she has done, it does not come as a shock that Selena Gomez is on the biggest billboard at New York’s Time Square. However, no one expected her to pop up instead of the iconic Happy New Year ball drop at the New York Times Square that thousands gather to see.

Fans were confused to see Selena Gomez instead of the iconic ball drop on New Year’s eve

The lighting at Burj Khalifa or the ball drop at New York Times Square is the best New Year’s eve celebration. Therefore, thousands gather to bid goodbye to 2022 and welcome the new year at Times Square. Fans all counted down with excitement to see the giant billboard at Times Square read Happy New Year. But in a shocking turn of events, the countdown gave way to a poster of Selena Gomez’s mental health documentary.

And fans were left confused. Selena Gomez has definitely come a long way from fangirling about her billboard at Times Square to become the poster everyone sees as they welcome the new year.

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While fans of the Loose You to Love Me singer took it as a blessing, others were left bewildered. However, there is one thing that everyone could agree on: Selena Gomez’s marketing agent deserves an exorbitant raise.

The documentary has caused trench warfare in the pop culture community as Gomez looked back on some of her most talked about moments.

And also let fans in on the physical and mental state she had been on in during all those times. Many considered the My Mind and Me documentary poster as a sign to take care of their mental health in 2023.

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