‘Selective Outrage!’- Netflix to Live Stream Chris Rock’s Take on the Infamous Oscar Smack, Ahead of 2023 Academy Awards

‘Selective Outrage!’- Netflix to Live Stream Chris Rock’s Take on the Infamous Oscar Smack, Ahead of 2023 Academy Awards

The grand ceremony of the 2023 Academy Awards will be here in no time. However, every time we hear the term ‘Oscars,’ we are sent back to the infamous slap gate controversy that, unfortunately, took place last year. Hollywood star Will Smith had apparently slapped the host of the year, Chris Rock, as he made fun of his wife’s bald head.

As a result, the Academy has banned Smith from all of its forums for the entirety of the upcoming decade. The American actor also apologized to the comedian in front of the entire world. However, despite everything, Rock decided to go silent about it; Well, only to flash it all in a Live Netflix episode at the right time.

Now that things were almost settling, the comic, who spent last year majorly making a few appearances at comedy shows and providing the slap gate jokes as a platter, will finally come out with his take on the entire controversy. He will appear in the very first live show covered by Netflix on March 4th, 2023, starting at 10 pm, Eastern time. Stakes are high not only because it is the very first live event by the streaming giant, but also because the OTT platform has chosen a perfect pilot for its newest agency.

According to a fellow comedian George Wallace, nobody could ever forget an incident like that, but laughter would perhaps serve as medicine to Rock’s soul, and “in the long run, he’s also getting paid for it.” So here is everything you need to know about the Netflix live cover.

A live stand-up special with a timely hook, ft. Chris Rock

Netflix will reportedly stream Chris Rock’s take on the 2022 Oscar slap gate controversy from Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore. Furthermore, the phrase Selective Outrage is the title of the episode; it is also something the American comedian has recently riffed upon. While his comedy shows last year included commentary on different sizes of men, his justification for refraining from reacting at the moment of heat, and what according to him actually made Smith smack his face; How much of it will he reflect in the Netflix special, we do not know.

According to insiders, Netflix and Chris Rock agreed to the show last September as a part of their 2016 ($40 million) deal. And setting it just before Academy Awards 2023, taking place on 12th March, with Jimmy Kimmel once again hosting the awards, both Netflix and Chris Rock have welcomed a pleasant addition.

However, Netflix’s vice president of stand-up and comedy formats, Robbie Praw, refers to it as nothing but a coincidence. According to him, they were just waiting for both the comedian and the technology to be ready, reported the Wall Street Journal.

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