Season One of ‘The Last Bus’ on Netflix is Not it’s Last Terminus—There’s More To Come

Season One of ‘The Last Bus’ on Netflix is Not it’s Last Terminus—There’s More To Come

Netflix’s brand new sci-comedy, The Last Bus, is here to take you on the last terminus of life. When all of humanity has perished, rather trapped in genie orbs by your favorite scientist; all you would want to do is stop him. Well, that’s the prompt of The Last Bus on Netflix. But what’s this fuss about? And why would someone want to trap us in something called genie orbs? Let’s find out.

The Last Bus: Synopsis

From the very talented Paul Neafcy, this action-adventure eco-fable follows a group of friends as they attempt to save the planet from a nut-head scientist. Apparently, the scientist, Dalton Monkhouse, thinks that eradicating human beings from Earth would restore its carbon level. But not everything goes according to the plan, obviously. Thanks to our protagonists: Nas, Misha, Sophie, Tom, Bethan, Josh, Denny, and Chelsea, humanity is almost saved.

Moral of the story? Relying too much on technology is bad for health. The series is a satire of the over-use of machines and at the same time brings our attention to the decaying environmental conditions. But it doesn’t conclude in season 1, The Last Bus cliffhanger hints at a second season. However, if you haven’t watched the series yet, stop reading and go enjoy the ride, only on Netflix. We will be waiting at the last stop.

Season 1 of The Last Bus on Netflix is just the beginning

In the season 1 finale, we see that the children have finally tracked down the man behind this all, Dalton Monkhouse. Apparently, he has “harvested” 99% of the population, to save the world. They discover him in a sleeper pod in his mansion’s basement hideaway—for just because he used his flying “genie orbs” to zap everyone to dust doesn’t imply he’d do the same to himself. Although he is rude, he declares that all the people are safe and sound.

Nas is initially happy to know about his idol’s initiative but soon finds himself disappointed. Monkhouse eventually discovers that he does not have a hold on the orbs, as two of them go silent, while Blorb, the friendly one, is on the children’s team now. The children manage to steal the Nexus Key, the key to all their problems. But they aren’t able to use it as it is coded with Monkhouse’s DNA.

There’s another danger lingering as well. A mysterious girl who has another evil plan pursues Danny, one of the good kids. Lucy, who probably suffered severe childhood traumas, executes a plan by stealing the key and creating a portal for selected members. Obviously, she wants everyone to get rid of their controlling parents. Meanwhile, Nas frees the scientist who again steals the key, and initiates an explosion.

In the final scenes, we see Monkhouse transports himself to a pod, Nas steals the key, and Blorb helps the kids to safely exit the mansion. But there’s raging Lucy, who turns out to be the scientist’s daughter, and a world to save. And that’s exactly what we will encounter in the potential season 2 of The Last Bus.

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Have you already watched The Last Bus on Netflix? Do let us know what are your thoughts about it. You can also rant about the cruel scientist or poor Nas: It will always be our little secret.

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