“School don’t necessarily teach..” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About Her Experience With Learning New Language

“School don’t necessarily teach..” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About Her Experience With Learning New Language

Schools all over the world nowadays tend to focus more on traditional bookish knowledge instead of practical and extra-curricular activities. This has become so much of a major issue that stars worldwide have started to address it publicly. Our very own Sadie Sink from Stranger Things also had her individual opinions to put on the table.

When asked about her favorite languages, Sink reflected on some of her personal choices in an interview in 2018. While speaking at the Panel Supercon Event, the star shed light on her all these interesting activities such as mastering a new language are not provided by most educational institutions across the globe. Here is what she said.

Sadie Sink talks about schools not providing the facilities to learn new languages

In a flurry of interviews, a fan posed her a question asking about her favorite language other than English. Sadie gracefully replied that she had been taking French classes then but soon discontinued it as something else more interesting caught her attention. She continued talking about how someone from the sets of Stranger Things breathed into her a curiosity to learn sign languages. Elaborating she said, “I feel like a lot of schools necessarily don’t teach that language“.

According to her, one of the teachers on set knew sign languages. Therefore in between sets, Sadie would always take out time to learn it as it was a fun activity to do. The host further asked if he could show some of her favorite words through sign language. Sadie immediately gave a gesture with her hand showing the word “happy” in signs as she had learned.

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Not many were aware of Sadie’s this side hobby before she talked about it at the event. It is quite commendable how the actress slays her professional career while also taking interest in other activities. In the course of the half-an-hour event, the star answered many such questions as posed by her fans.

From revealing her most cherished actresses to work with to talk about her memorable moments with her Stranger Things cast, said it all. It was truly a delight to see the star elegantly answer all such interesting questions. Tune in to know what more did she say!

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