“Saved me from forcing…” – Penn Badgley Opens Up About How Dating Blake Lively Affected His Lifestyle ⁩

“Saved me from forcing…” – Penn Badgley Opens Up About How Dating Blake Lively Affected His Lifestyle ⁩

Blake Lively made a significant difference in Penn Badgley’s life during their dating phase. The two actors’ on-screen chemistry during the Gossip Girls days seemingly came from their off-screen romance. While the relationship between the then-teens ended after three years, the You actor still recalls it well to this day.

Gossip Girls became an instant hit, setting up the careers of the young cast. Now, getting success at such an early age can sometimes have its own downsides. That is something that Badgley went through as well, but he recently explained how dating Lively affected that phase.

How the dating phase with Blake Lively changed things for Penn Badgley

It has been years since Gossip Girl ended, but Dan and Serena’s love story is still much remembered amongst fans of the drama series. The actor who is currently playing the role of Netflix’s best stalker in You, opened up to Variety magazine on his life and career through the years. Touching upon the topic of dating Lively, Badgley revealed to Variety, “I think our relationship in some ways saved me from forcing myself to go down that road.”

The actor revealed how his life was fast-paced, followed by a dark phase of depression in his late 20s. His interviewer asked him whether it was due to drug addiction. But the actor affirmed that he never struggled in those ways. He revealed how Lively did not drink, and how it kept him from getting into drugs or addiction.

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Their dating phase also benefitted the show, since their lead characters had a large fan base who shipped their real-life romance. However, their journey together eventually came to an end.

The breakup and life after Gossip Girls

Lively once revealed how there was an increasing comparison between their relationship and their on-screen characters. It became difficult for them to distinguish between their characters. But even their crew was unaware of their breakup for months, as they kept things private. Thereon Badgley went on to date Zoe Kravitz while there was speculation about Lively having a fling with Ryan Gosling.

Penn Badgley and Blake Lively in Gossip Girl
Credits: Imago

In the present, the John Tucker Must Die actor is happily married to musician Domino Kirke and the two have a son. Meanwhile, Lively recently made headlines for delivering her fourth baby with husband Ryan Reynolds.

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