Sarah Ferguson Weighs in on the Sussex Story, Says Meghan Markle Gave Prince Harry the Love “he never felt before”

Sarah Ferguson Weighs in on the Sussex Story, Says Meghan Markle Gave Prince Harry the Love “he never felt before”

The tale of the military prince Harry and the Hollywood actress Meghan Markle emerged as a postmodern Cinderella story for the UK’s royal family. The most eligible bachelor Prince of the west met a Californian divorcee from across the pool and went head over heels for his future wife. Undoubtedly, it did attract a lot of criticism and negative backlash from those who could not bear going off track. Nonetheless, the duo got immense love and support for their bold step to go beyond the books.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Although the royal family in its entirety could not run lines along with these two, there are some others who have been standing tall with the couple since day one. The list includes two prime members of Prince Andrew’s family, with aunt Sarah Ferguson and cousin Princess Eugenie always wishing the couple their best. 

In a recent interview with OK Magazine, the Duchess of York elaborated on how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share a lot of things in common. Right from their intellectual similarities to the unconditional love that they share, Sarah Ferguson feels they make a perfect couple. 

Sarah Ferguson with Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie,
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I look at how much she (Meghan Markle) loves him,” she said, referring to Prince Harry. She also gushed about how she shared her limitless love for their children and their wellbeing. According to her, she “gives him a love that he’s never had before,” and that is how she perceives the two. Despite the controversies and backlashes stirring at an all-time high around them, their aunt believes the two are immensely alike.

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In fact, like the Sussexes, the Duchess of York also holds a special inclination towards the United States of America.

Sarah Ferguson also prefers America like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 

Speaking of The States, Ferguson revealed how she went to America to take a breezer following the stressful divorce with Prince Andrew. Following her incomplete ambitions, the estranged royal shifted for a while across the pond, wrote a book about Oprah, and worked as the longest-running spokesperson of Weight Watchers. 

Like the Sussexes, even the Duchess looks up to the Democratic nation with the hope of love and support. Speaking of her life and times of her entire journey, she concluded by not being able to thank the American people for their critical support in times of sorrow and dismay. 

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