Sandra Bullock’s $200 Million Grossing Movie Is Now Streaming on Netflix, Here’s Why You Should Definitely Watch It

Sandra Bullock’s $200 Million Grossing Movie Is Now Streaming on Netflix, Here’s Why You Should Definitely Watch It

While we are eternally grateful to Netflix for churning out an endless array of new content, classics are classics for a reason. Whether you are chasing nostalgia, a simpler time or just an entertaining watch, the late 90s and early 2000s were a treasure trove of classics. And who can forget the reigning champion of the era for romantic comedies? We are obviously talking about our homegirl, Sandra Bullock.

With countless blockbusters under her belt, “you know Sandy B always brings it!” Amen, Raj from The Big Bang Theory; we couldn’t agree more. So imagine our excitement when Netflix brought back an outstanding Sandra Bullock flick.

Sandra Bullock walks the ramp yet again with Miss Congeniality

Recently, Netflix announced the return of Miss Congeniality in the most epic way. The giant streamer uploaded a trailer of the rom-com along with a nod to one of the most memorable scenes from the 2000 movie. “Describe your perfect date“: for fans of the movie, the reference sure must’ve transported you right to the first time you saw the film. Netflix seems to be on a roll with Sandy B movies, considering they released Blind Side a few months back.

For those living under a rock or our younger readers, let us give you the 411 on Miss Congeniality. An unnamed terrorist targets the Miss United States pageant for their next attack. Realizing that the event is under threat, the FBI chooses one of their agents, Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock), to go undercover as a participant. A messy tom boy, with barely any fashion sense, Gracie goes through a complete makeover to blend in and infiltrate the beauty pageant.

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Why should you watch the cult classic?

If the synopsis wasn’t enough, here are the highlights from the hilarious yet heart-warming journey of Gracie Hart. There is a reason Sandra Bullock is royalty among romantic comedy creators and fans. No matter the role, Bullock plays it with honesty and earnestness and slays every time. From her awkward boyish personality to her super-model transformation, she is amazing in every frame of this film.

Michael Cain brilliantly embodies the snooty pageant coach responsible for Bullocks’ 180-degree change. A scene where he teaches Gracie to work on her walk is sure to leave you in stitches. Apart from that, Candice Bergen, as the villain, is absolutely iconic. No one does icy, holier-than-thou characters as well as Candice. Benjamin Bratt and William Shatner are also amazingly written characters that elevate the narrative.

Any more information, and we’ll end up spoiling the movie for you. So for the first time watchers, Miss Congeniality is now streaming on Netflix. Conversely, a re-watch never hurt anyone. Let us know your thoughts about the film.

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