Sadie Sink to Get Supersonic Sound Abilities in MCU? Insider Scoops New Talks

Sadie Sink to Get Supersonic Sound Abilities in MCU? Insider Scoops New Talks

The young red-haired queen has been catching the attention of people for quite some time now. Sadie Sink is continuously compared with the eminent actress Elizabeth Olsen, who gained worldwide recognition for her role as Wanda Maximoff. Their striking resemblance has always made fans intrigued that the blooming actress might play her retrospective role in the future. Sink has both the potential and talent to portray anything seeing her performance in Stranger Things. Even conversations about the possibility of her entrance into the Marvel Universe are currently circulating among industry insiders.

Sources have revealed that The Whale star is reportedly in negotiations to land a role in a new MCU project.

Sadie Sink looking forward to the upcoming Marvel Studios projects

According to CBR, it is confirmed that Sadie Sink will have a future in the Marvel Universe. Industry scooper Daniel Richtman has revealed that the 20-year-old is the next young actor set to be cast in this massively followed franchise. Daniel has not disclosed any further details about her involvement in the projects. This news has hyped the speculations about her playing the role of Songbird.


Well, if Marvel considers all these rumors and recruits her in the Thunderbolts movie, Sink would get the chance to meet her co-star once again. David Harbour, who is playing Jim Hopper in the sci-fi drama, is reprising his role as Red Guardian.

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What do you need to know about MCU’s Songbird? 

Songbird, also known as Screaming Mimi, grew up into a villain following a traumatic childhood. She was recruited by Helmut Zemo in the comics, considering her high-tech sonic carapace. While joining this supervillain team, she met the love of her life, Angar the Screamer.

Since they both had similar powers, the supernatural couple fell in love with each other. Alas, this romance ended with Angar’s death and Mimi blocked out her powers with her grieving screams. But eventually, she turned up to work and became one of the leading members of the Masters of Evil.

And if you do not follow comics, it might be interesting to know that thunderbolts are actually fake superheroes who feigned people with their disguise to gain intel. However, Songbird and other members later revolted against their boss, Zemo, becoming real protectors of the world.

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