Sadie Sink Reveals Her First Dream That Came True, and It Isn’t Stranger Things

Sadie Sink Reveals Her First Dream That Came True, and It Isn’t Stranger Things

Who wouldn’t want to become a major celebrity overnight? Everyone has at least once in their lives dreamt of being part of a major show that would shoot them to success. However, actress Sadie Sink who actually has done all this, had a different dream while growing up.

The 20-year-old actress has achieved a tremendous amount of success in just a few years of her young career. But she started achieving her dream years before she starred as Max in Stranger Things.

Let us see what was the first dream come true moment for Sadie Sink.

Sadie Sink shares her first dream that she achieved

This has been Sadie’s year. Her performance in both the volumes of Stranger Things was class apart. The actress really showed how great she can act even after playing the same character for over five years now.

But it looks like being part of an immensely successful series like Stanger Things wasn’t on the actress’ list.

While doing a great interview for Teen Vogue, the Fear Street actress answered a lot of “Firsts” she had, ranging from her first friend on the sets of Stranger Things to many others.

Subsequently, when Sadie was asked about her first dream that she achieved, everyone thought it would’ve been to star in Stranger Things, as the actress was just 15 when she joined the Netflix Original back in its second season.

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However, to everyone’s surprise, Sadie had already achieved her biggest dream at the young age of 10: being on Broadway. The first show of Sadie was Annie, in which she played the titular role of the red-haired orphan Annie.

The actress said, “Annie was everything like I’d watched the eighties version of Annie with Carol Burnett and Aileen Quinn over and over and over again.”

The actress then went on to say how the show was a huge part of her career and meant everything to her at the moment. Sadie still has a long and successful career to go. Who knows what kind of amazing roles will the actress play in the future.

Did you guys like Sadie’s performance in this year’s Stranger Things season? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.


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