Sadie Sink on the Brutal Ending of ‘Fear Streets 1978’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Sadie Sink on the Brutal Ending of ‘Fear Streets 1978’ and ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4

Before her career skyrocketed as MadMax in Stranger Things, Sadie Sink was best known for an equally unconventional role as Ziggy Berman in the Fear Streets saga. To date, the second installment has been the perfect delivery of some gruesome horror deaths and violence. Although nothing tops Max’s legendary season 4 encounter with Vecna, this still remains a masterpiece under Sadie’s name to this date. 

The franchise has a total of three spine-chilling movies: Part One, Part Two, and Part three. All three were released last year in the month of July. Part two of the trilogy called Fear Street 1978 was just as sinister as part one. In a 2021 interview with Collider, Sink talked at a stretch about the filming of the same and also shared some interesting facts about Strangers Things season 4. 

Disclaimer: The article may contain spoilers for Fear Street 1978 and Stranger Things season 4

Sadie Sink on filing Fear Streets

The movie started off right where it had left, with Shadyside being off for summers. This time, along with activities at the Night Wing camps, something rather horrific was about to begin. Just as the movie wears on, darker and thriller mysteries start emerging out of the dreaded camp. Sink had some gruesome scenes to deal with as her character is dealt with a gory end. She said, “I had never worked with mouth blood before so that was an exciting first for me.” 

Talking about the cinematography, she further explained how she managed to perform some tough scenes on set. Although she found her role to be difficult, it went as smoothly as it could. Upon being asked about the coughing blood scene, Sink said, “…I guess I would have to do the coughing up blood because I think I’ve got that down at this point“. 

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Based on Sink’s answers, it was quite evident that the star had gotten accustomed to playing roles in horror movies and shows. However, her mother could not. When the then 18-year-old star showed the final scene to her family, her mother immediately turned it off, not being able to watch the gruesome horror.

Max’s arc in Stranger Things 4

Further in the interview, Sink threw light on the cast and crew of Strangers Things Season 4. She also talked about how her character will have more mature arc than it was ever in the previous three seasons. Evidently, we saw Max as a whole different personality than what she was in the last seasons. Her terrifying encounter with Vecna still brings back the 80s classic Kate Bush to life each time we go back to the latest season. 

Have you watched Fear Street 1994, 1978, and 1666 yet? If yes, how did you link Sadie Sink to the franchise?

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