Sadie Sink & Hong Chau Talk About the Massive Reach of Brendan Fraser Through ‘The Whale’

Sadie Sink & Hong Chau Talk About the Massive Reach of Brendan Fraser Through ‘The Whale’

Ironically, one of the most exuberant pieces of cinema in 2022 was The Whale. It entailed all the qualities to be a part of timeless cinema. And looking at its good rating on almost every surface looks like the flick did what it intended to do. The layered storyline by Samuel D. Hunter and the smooth directions by Darren Aronofsky is one league of the positive discussions that the movie has given rise to and the mind-blowing performance of Brendan Fraser is another on its own.

The actor through his eyes created an emotional bridge not only with the characters of the movie but also with the millions that viewed it. Fans feel an elevated sense of excitement seeing Fraser, at 54, still shining as a star and accepting one award after another. And one may think that his costars may not be too happy with the amount of attention that Fraser is receiving when everyone has put their souls into the roles. However, the cast of The Whale, especially Sadie Sink and Hong Chau, have only praises to add for their costar.

Sadie Sink feels Brendan Fraser deserves it all

Sadie Sink received huge applause for her performance in The Whale. Fans who knew her from Stranger Things, or from fashion shows,shows, were blown away by the vast acting range she displayed as Ellie in the movie.

The Stranger Things actress put forth an equally eye-catching performance despite most of her scenes being opposite Brendan Fraser, a pro at his game, thanks to decades of experience. In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, when asked about how the experience had been working with Fraser and her reaction to the outpouring of love that he has garnered through his performance, Sink said, “Brendon deserves every bit of it”.

Hong Chau compares her The Whale experience to touring with The Beatles

While Brendan Fraser and Sadie Sink delivered commendable performances, an actress that stole the show was Hong Chau. The actress is best known for her 2017 role in Downsizing and with the release of The Whale, she has left no doubt of her being an ocean of talent.

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The actress expressed her gratitude for working with a director as talented as Aronofsky right after Covid. But she also compared working with Sink and Fraser to “touring with The Beatles,” referring to the passionate fanbase that both the stars have.

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