Sadie Sink Finds It Fun to Be a Little Mean Because Max Mayfield Is Very Different From Her

Sadie Sink Finds It Fun to Be a Little Mean Because Max Mayfield Is Very Different From Her

There are a number of characters on Netflix’s Stranger Things that can boast a fan club of their own. However, only a few will have a fanbase as big and loving as Sadie Sink aka Max. A girl that marched into the show during its second season today literally owns the entire fanbase of the show. Watching Max on the show has to be the most enjoyable part of the Stranger Things experience, but is it the same for Sadie herself?

Sadie Sink recently revealed that she actually has tremendous fun playing the role of Max on the show. And she even revealed the reason it is like that. Let us dive into that and more about how Sadie Sink is in real life, and why she enjoys bringing Max to life for the Netflix drama series.

Sadie Sink and Max are actually way too different from one another

Apart from watching Steve and Dustin doing their usual bromance, there is only one person we love to watch on Stranger Things all the time; that one person is Sadie Sink’s Maxine “Max” Mayfield. And a lot of it has to do with the dedication Sadie brings to her work while portraying Max. Recently in a video posted on Stranger Things’ Twitter handle, Sadie opened up about why it is so much fun playing Max on the show.

We just cannot deny the fact that most of the fun we have while watching Max is because of how mean and straight-up she can be with people. From reminding Dustin that he still stinks to telling El to “dump his (Mike) ass,” the sass Max has is truly eye-catching and that’s why Sadie Sink loves to play the role.

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However, Sadie differs from Max in real life. “It’s kind of fun to step out of my own shoes and be a little mean sometimes,” adds Sink. The fact that the character of Max has grown constantly every season is something that Sadie loves as well. As mean as Max is on the show, it is clearly evident that it has nothing to do with Sadie’s real-life personality, as she is clearly the most loving person there is.

Do you love Max? What is your favorite Max moment from all the seasons of the show? Comment down below.

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