“Sacrificing his family on PR alter”- Princess Diana’s Ex Butler Calls Out Prince Harry Yet Again to ‘Take Accountability’ for the Stress Caused

“Sacrificing his family on PR alter”- Princess Diana’s Ex Butler Calls Out Prince Harry Yet Again to ‘Take Accountability’ for the Stress Caused

The entire world was taken aback in shock as Prince Harry dropped the nukes on the royal family with his tell-all projects. While many went in favor of the Duke, others came at him outraging about his dirt dishing at the Monarchy. Ever since his Docuseries release, the internet has remained divided with polarising reactions to his works. At this point, eminent personalities associated with the Monarchy have also got their say. 

Following the continuous attack by the royal experts front and back on the Sussexes, Princess Diana’s former butler has joined forces yet again to share his two cents about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Speaking on behalf of the Slingo, the former butler, Paul Burrell to the royal household is outraged about how Prince Harry has caused enough damage to his family. And now it is time for compensation and remorse. 

As reported by The Mirror, the butler talked about how nothing was ever enough for the now-estranged couple to stay with Prince Harry’s family. Counting on all the favors that the couple received from the UK Sovereigns, he resented how nothing was able to make them stay back. Nonetheless, what is done is done. Now the least Prince Harry can do is to ‘take accountability‘ for causing unnecessary stress to his family members. 

Burrell also claimed that Prince Harry has drastically changed as a person following the controversies. From a “free, easy-going boy” into a “very serious and media-minded man” the Duke is not the same as he was before, says Princess Diana’s former aide. 

Prince Harry generated false stories for memoir, says Paul Burrell 

Further taking a dig at his memoir, Spare, Paul Burrell is of the opinion that King Charles’s youngest has evidently “sacrificed his entire family to the PR altar” with the sole purpose of generating false stories for his book. It is also to note that, despite all the criticism and backlashes, Prince Harry’s book has stayed in the top three bestsellers for the fifth week in a row. 

His book reportedly stripped down the royal family of all its darkest secrets starting from Princess Diana’s tragic life story to his own along with his wife’s, the Duchess, Meghan Markle.

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