Ryan Reynolds Was Starstruck After Meeting ‘Stranger Things’’ Joe Keery? Here’s What Steve Himself Had to Say

Ryan Reynolds Was Starstruck After Meeting ‘Stranger Things’’ Joe Keery? Here’s What Steve Himself Had to Say

Due to his adored portrayal of Steve Harrington in the four seasons of Stranger Things, Joe Keery has become a well-known household figure. And it is not just that. Joe is very good at what he does, so he’s been getting so many offers lately. Last year, one of his films, Free Guy, was released. Although Joe was not the lead in the film, he had an important role. And most importantly, he got to work with one of those stars whom he’s been admiring for a long time. It was none other than Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan was the lead in Free Guy and received plenty of appreciation for his role in the film. The film is about a bank teller who decides to become the protagonist of his own tale. He just wants to rewrite his story. And he does that after learning that he is really a background player in an open-world computer game. Of course, Joe was excited to work with him. But, here, it is a vice-versa case. Let’s see what happened.

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Ryan Reynolds was starstruck by The King of Babysitters

Well, Ryan was quite impressed with Joe in the film. He said that he was “starstruck” after meeting this Stranger Things star. It rarely happens that such huge stars like Ryan openly accept that they are impressed by someone fairly new to the field. Since Ryan is humble and honest, he feels no shame in appreciating what needs to be appreciated. So when Joey was asked in an interview about how he felt about Ryan’s statement, he shared his experience of working with him.

He told the interviewer that the first day that he met Reynolds, he was in the cop get-up. He and Karsh were chasing Ryan around, so it was pretty crazy. Joe further added that the odd part about show business is that one ends up meeting a lot of their heroes. People that you have watched and admired their work for a long time work with you. The best part is when these heroes turn out to be nice.

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Joe Keery said, “And Ryan just wants to make everybody feel comfortable. Everybody feels safe so that they can do the best work on set, and yeah, he’s just a great leader.” He also said that Ryan is kind of a great role model to watch him work on set.

Overall, the love was mutual, and both of them are great actors. You can watch Joe’s extraordinary work on Netflix’s Stranger Things.

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