Ryan Reynolds Wants to Cram an Inhuman Amount of Bread Into His Face at This Place, Here’s Why

Ryan Reynolds Wants to Cram an Inhuman Amount of Bread Into His Face at This Place, Here’s Why

Apart from his amazing acting skills and comic timing, Ryan Reynolds is also a major foodie. And not just him, but his wife Blake Lively too, who accompanies him in their shared love for a variety of cuisines. The couple is often seen talking about their favorite foods and the places that sell them.

And there is not just one but a million places Ryan Reynolds would go to get his favorite food. For a huge foodie like himself, it is difficult to select just one restaurant and declare it his favorite. Surprisingly, Deadpool has done that.

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Which is the favorite restaurant of Ryan Reynolds?

Let’s begin with the favorite restaurant of Ryan Reynolds from his hometown Vancouver. This Canadian actor loves going to a restaurant called Benny’s Bagels, which according to him serves the best bread around. According to Vancouver is Awesome, while mentioning “Benny’s Bagels”, the actor said, “Tucked away upstairs, I’ve made a number of significant life decisions while cramming an inhuman amount of bread into my face.”

He also mentioned a shop called “The Patty Shop,” where he used to go to eat Jamaican patties as a kid. Also, in his hometown, there is a Greek eatery called “Meet Minerva’s,” which the 46-year-old actor loves so much that he went there three times a week with his wife while he was shooting for Deadpool. He even said about that place that he would continue eating there even after he died.

And when it comes to everyone’s favorite pizza, of course, Ryan Reynolds has figured out his favorite pizza place. According to MSN, Ryan Reynolds once mentioned that “Patsy’s Pizza” in Harlem, New York is the place that serves “the best on the whole planet.” He also happened to mention that in Europe “the Light of India” in Ellesmere Port, U.K. serves the best Indian Food.

Although Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively do not just love eating food, they like to share it too. They have shown their generosity many times by donating food during the pandemic and even otherwise.

So, what do you think of the Free Guy actor’s food choices? Which place according to you serves the best pizza? Tell us in the comments.

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