Ryan Reynolds to ‘take a step’ Towards Buying his Second Sports Team Ottawa Senators, Sets Up a Meeting With Ownership

Ryan Reynolds to ‘take a step’ Towards Buying his Second Sports Team Ottawa Senators, Sets Up a Meeting With Ownership

Apart from being a bigwig of Hollywood, Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds and his love for sports are not unknown to anyone. Manifesting the same, the 46-year-old actor bought a whole football club, the Wrexham AFC, along with Rob McElhenney. Now the time has come for something bigger. Reynolds’ passion for sports knows no bounds; hence, the star is all set to make a run at the NHL franchise. 

For the unversed, the NHL franchise is the operation theater of the famous hockey club in Broward County, Florida. It allows well-established personalities to make trades, sign contracts, and build a dynasty of players, precisely those who will be the front runners of the future. The ownership is vested in the hands of particular groups called the potential senator ownership groups. 

Ryan Reynolds to join the Potential Senator Ottawa ownership

Earlier reports claimed that the Hollywood A-lister was keen to buy senators in the potential sale. Although representatives had declined the claim, the star did not completely dismiss the idea of the same. In fact, what began as a hilarious Twitter emoji grew to become a full-fledged plan regarding the Ottawa ownership. Now reports have it that Reynolds is in talks to meet the Senator’s ownership groups. 

The star had also addressed the speculation earlier this month on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Reynolds admitted that he was trying to get involved but would obviously need financial partners to facilitate the process. Reportedly, the star needs someone with “deep pockets” so that he can move ahead with his action plan. 

The outcome of the meeting is still unknown. Officials are yet to confirm if the meeting has taken place in the first place or not. However, it seems that people who liked Welcome to Wrexham will certainly vouch for Welcome to Ottawa. Although, we do agree that there is a huge difference between investing double millions in a low-level Welsh Soccer club and bidding for the Senators at the NHL franchise. 

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