Ryan Reynolds Targeted By Groups as Ottawa Senators Biddings Heat Up

Ryan Reynolds Targeted By Groups as Ottawa Senators Biddings Heat Up

Every news that falls under the categories of celebrity zone and sports automatically creates a stir among spectators worldwide. And when entities from both groups combine, it is reasonable to say things are bound to get heated up. In light of the same, the negotiations between the Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds and Ottawa sports teams membership are at an all-time high. And to not much of our surprise, reports have it that the star is now sprawled by offers from everywhere when it comes to bidding for sports teams. 

Apart from being a bigwig of Hollywood, Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds and his love for sports are not unknown to anyone. Manifesting the same, the 46-year-old actor bought a whole football club, the Wrexham AFC, along with Rob McElhenney. Now, the star is all set to make a run at the NHL franchise. However, choices for him get wider and tougher as every team now wants Reynolds to be a part of it. 

Ryan Reynolds to hold back his bid for the Senator Ottawa Ownership 

OttawaSun officially confirms that suitors who have reached out to GSP for ownership have also touched bases with Reynolds’ associates. The star has a set of representatives working closely with the NHL head office for him. The firm which handles all sale processes, however, is GSP. Reportedly, it has also been noticing a good deal of interested sellers for the team. 

For Reynolds’ part, his officials have it that his best bid currently is to abstain from selecting any partner. He is bent on holding off his negotiations until the league gets its first preferred bidder. Although he had previously joked about wanting to be a part of the “consortium,” he does not want to move forward with the wrong partner. This comes as legitimate news as Ryan Reynolds considers this an opportunity to flex his purchasing skills to build the rink.

It seems that people who liked Welcome to Wrexham will certainly vouch for Welcome to Ottawa. Although, we do agree that there is a huge difference between investing double millions in a low-level Welsh Soccer club and bidding for the Senators at the NHL franchise. And if it does happen, this would be Reynolds’ second sports team.

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