Ryan Reynolds Spits Out a “Vasectomy” Over Nick Cannon’s Striking Comment About Children

Ryan Reynolds Spits Out a “Vasectomy” Over Nick Cannon’s Striking Comment About Children

Many would say that Ryan Reynolds was incredibly blessed with his three daughters, James, Betty, and Inez. And you’d think things could not get better for the Canadian actor. However, he and his wife, Blake Lively, have more blessings to be received. The actor is making headlines again for being pregnant with a fourth child. 

The Deadpool actor is aware of the eyebrows this news would raise. We are sure he will use this for his next skit for his Aviation Gin brand. After all, the man is a marketing genius! The guy cast Nick Cannon to promote Aviation Gin a few months back! 

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Ryan Reynolds got entertainment host Nick Cannon for an Aviation Gin Commercial 

Aviation Gin commercials are unlike any other ads. These are comedy skits masquerading as advertisements. Three months back, Ryan Reynolds used Father’s Day as a perfect excuse to bring in Nick Cannon and create a Vasectomy cocktail! Nick Cannon begins with the line that all should celebrate the day with the mother of all cocktails – The Vasectomy!

Then he hits us with the punchline, “Lord knows I need one.” He proceeded to show us the step-by-step process of creating the cocktail. He adds cranberry juice, ice, tonic, and a dash of lemon. With every step, Nick continued to look in pain as he remarked about how wonderful children are. He finishes it up with a “world’s highest rated gin,” Aviation Gin, for the “world’s highest rated” job, Dad. 

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This is exactly when Ryan walks in, telling him he needs it more than he does and starts chugging it down when Nick’s comment about fathering eight kids throws him off. The Canadian spits the drink out and ends the ad on an even more hilarious note. He tells Nick he has so many little ones because he smells amazing. 

Well, Ryan Reynolds Ryan will be welcoming his newest born soon. Meanwhile, Cannon just had his ninth baby! 

Did you think the advertisement was hilarious?

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