Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He Copies SNL Stars and John Candy if He’s “flummoxed in a scene”

Ryan Reynolds Reveals That He Copies SNL Stars and John Candy if He’s “flummoxed in a scene”

Our childhood heroes are someone who plays a huge part in our lives and is our inspirations behind whatever we do in life. But not many get the chance to meet them all, but that doesn’t reduce their inspiration in any way. And for Ryan Reynolds, his heroes from childhood are not only his inspiration but someone whom he carries in everything he does.

In his amazing and personal episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, for the first time, we got to know Ryan like never before. We all saw him as a perfect family man and a hilarious individual, but through David Lettermans’ thoughtful questions, we got to know how Ryan became who he is today.

One such inspiration for him was John Candy. But John not only made him laugh, he practically taught him how to act.

Ryan Reynolds still carries John Candy with him

In the episode of the Netflix Original, we got to know a lot about Ryan, which we did not before, like his struggle and conquering anxiety. One of the things Ryan said helped him overcome his anxiety was watching classics, which made David ask him about his childhood heroes.

Ryan, without any hesitation, named John Candy and Steve Martin as his inspiration. He even went on to say that a lot of what he did came from the super-talented comedians he saw on SNL.

The Adam Project star then goes on to credit his heroes by saying that it is them whom he looks to when in a difficult scene. “If I am flummoxed in a scene or can’t figure out a way in. I will just copy them,” says Ryan.

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Seeing how funny and extremely hilarious Ryan Reynolds is, it is no doubt that he did indeed learn a lot from his heroes growing up.

Adding to his love for John Candy, Ryan even says that he tried to pay homage to him in Deadpool by carrying the same book Candy did in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

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